Monday, June 27, 2011

Barn Charm and a Sunday drive

Sunday I was  a bit blue.
At 3 I was still in my pj's.

I needed a good cry.
which I got spectacularly
from watching Steel Magnolias.
 (I think this movie is the all-time best chic flick.)

My husband suggested we take a drive to Fairy Land,
a sandwich, ice cream, etc. place that we like,
 but aren't often out that way.

There were some houses for sale on past it,
so I got dressed, downloaded info from the Internet,
and off we went.

.After a delicious lunch, we  hit the dirt and graveled roads
looking for one house in particular.
We found it and it has a wonderful two acre setting
complete with barn.

However the extra miles to my school would not only add
 too much more driving time,
the road was grueling.
It would beat the crud out of my Mountaineer.
So, no to that.

we found lots of barns!

Here is the first one I photographed.
It's on a country road
outside of our hometown in southeastern Ohio.

This one was taken from inside the car.
Then my husband suggested I get out, which surprised me.
I didn't think he'd want to sit in the car while I traipsed around
'shooting' barns.

Patience was the rule of the day apparently,
so I traipsed and clicked.
(It took me most of the trip for me to realize
he was deliberately doing this
to get me out of my funk.
His plan worked wonderfully.)

Notice the fence post.
My husband was telling my daughter and son-in-law
about how fascinated I had become with fence posts and such.
I tried to clarify that I was fascinated with barns,
however I couldn't be heard over the laughter.

Well, at one point in photographing this barn,
 I put my finger on the zoom button
to get more distance for the above two shots.

I accidentally hit the zoom in
and what should appear smack dab in front of my eyes,
taking up the whole frame?
A fence post!
I burst out laughing.

My husband laughed heartily when I told him the story
once I was back in the car.

A close-up of a door that caught my interest.

These next guys were on down another road with another barn.
I just had to put them in this post though.
Aren't they cute?
The big one has such a beautiful face.

That's it for my "Barn Charm" post.  Click here to see more.


  1. I find that going out for a drive and taking pictures cheers me too. Glad it did the job for you. I had to laugh at your husbands conversation with your daughter and son-in-law. My family feels the same.
    Nice barns - I like the cows too!

  2. Getting out taking photos is a sure fire way to cheer a person up! My hubby loves to take me on "Photo Shoots" he even points out certain things for me to capture. Great Old the cows too!

  3. I have to 3rd what Mari & Jan said... photography always cheers me up - it's good for the soul! =)

    The barn is a great find & maybe you can answer a question for me, why are so many of the barns up north built w/ such tall block foundations? So many of the ones I've seen have a block foundation taller the door... I'm wondering if it's because of the 'feet' of snow ya'll get every winter? Just curious =)
    So many barns are built so differently all across America & I love hearing the history of them

    Great find & glad your day was turned around into laughter! =)
    God bless!!!

  4. It is always good for me to get out and enjoy nature. I'm glad your husband was there to give you the little nudge you need, otherwise you would have missed seeing all the barns. Don't you think it would be cool to rehab a barn and live in it? A good lunch and great company never hurts too. :) xo

  5. always love your barn photos... love even more the story that went with this series :)

  6. Thank you so very much, Beth, for asking around about northern barn foundations... I'd look it up on the internet, but I'm not sure how to. There's a man that used to participate in Barn Charm that I could ask, although, I lost his blog address, so I'm stumped.

    Thanks again, you're so kind! =)

  7. I always enjoy getting out and driving around taking pictures. It makes me feel so much better. Good barn find.

  8. You have a very wise and caring husband ... and great barn photos!

  9. Your hubby is so sweet and very supportive of you. You got here a very good working barn. Great find and thanks for sharing!

    Barn Charm

  10. What a sweet, thoughtful husband you have Beth. Nothing better than a ride in the country (except perhaps photographing fence posts - er...barns!)
    Seriously, the barns are just wonderful. I do love the country!
    Hope you are feeling better and that your week is filled with His richest blessings.

  11. Great barn photos! Your husband was very thoughtful to initiate a drive out-and-about when you were feeling 'down'. Hope you're feeling better.

  12. You have such a dear, dear husband to think of such a great way to cheer you up!

    I actually DO have a passion for fences and fence posts. Won't that make you family laugh Hahaha! :)

  13. Looks like an old one that someone is fixing up with metal siding (much like we are). Lovely building.



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