Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Corner View: Positive Thoughts

"This too will pass."

My senior year of high school was a tough year for me.
Boyfriend problems.
Cattiness of other girls.

One of my closest friends got pregnant and then got married.
I no longer picked her up in the morning for school;
she lived with her husband and he didn't want her even riding in a car with her girlfriends.

My parents and I moved in the middle of the year.
Mom and Dad  truly included me in the decision.
The new church and town was only a half hour away
my school was allowing me to commute and finish up with my classmates.
Then I had a summer of waitressing to get through before heading to college.
So--- who was I to stand in the way of a fantastic opportunity for my father?

Much adjusting had to be done by all of us:
some we handled well and others not so well.
(There were lots of miscommunication between mom and I)

Then my Grandpap Jarvis became ill with terminal cancer.
I dearly loved him and was close to him.

The year was a teenager's nightmare.
I  had an art teacher, Mrs. Dyrdek who would listen to my troubles
in the art supply room.
She always had time.
And she always said the same thing:
"This too will pass."

You know what?
Everything did eventually pass.
Of course some of  the outcomes were traumatic (Grandpap died),
but I survived.
I grew stronger, more resilient.
I learned to cope.

I learned that a story book ending doesn't have to happen
in order for something good to come out of the situation.

I now always look for the good in a bad situation,
knowing that the good will remain after the bad passes.

I grew up a lot the year of 1972.

I had a lot more growing to do, of course.
I still do.

But I've never forgotten Mrs. Dyrdek,
her compassion,
her concern,
her time,
and her saying,

"This too will pass."

I remember that saying when I'm in the middle of a difficult time.
(I now read scripture, have time with God, and pray,
which I didn't that senior year and of course that helps.)

                      This is my contribution to Corner View:"Positive Thoughts for Bad Moments."
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  1. Very interesting. I'm always fascinated by what makes a good teacher.

  2. getting strong(er) is this, of course... well done, you!

  3. what a gift it is when an adult is available to listen ... with love

  4. I always enjoy your thoughtful contributions, Beth. I had a very difficult childhood and it took me a long, long time to overcome some of the injuries to my soul. Now, in hindsight, I can see that it has done me good as well. The hurt still is there, and the sadness, but I see them as my friends, with whom I do not necessarily have to talk each and every day. I have my own family for that, and that I have them and appreciate them is the good that came out of my youth...

  5. did you see that nadine (woolfenbell) posted (almost) the same phrase? i guess great minds thought alike today ;)

  6. Your teacher gave you a precious gift Beth. I believe listening with a compassionate heart is truly a gift.

  7. She sounds like an amazing teacher. Her advice is a good reminder - it doesn't seem like it at the time, but those bad times do pass.

  8. I use that phrase "This too shall pass," also! And sometimes I jokingly add: "I hope I don't pass with it!"

    I'm learning, too, that one can always find something to be thankful for.

    1972 . . . the year I married and moved from a rural setting to Oakland, CA! Did I ever learn a lot that year!!! And I did grow up in so many ways!

  9. what a nice lady and teacher :-)

  10. what a great teacher to have!! i think that especially teachers has so much influence on you as a teenager!

  11. A great teacher, because many things will pass away, and especially in bad times you grow enormously internally

  12. the best gift to a teenager is the gift of time, the time to listen to their troubles. your teacher knew that.

  13. I think everyone needs a Mrs. Dyrdek from time to time.

  14. All these experiences build character and make us who we are, good or bad...

  15. A teacher that cares and teaches so much more is a teacher that can change our life.

  16. Glad your computer problems have been solved. I have enjoyed your posts this week. Bless you.

  17. We all should be so lucky to have Mrs. Dyrdek in our corner. What a special and wise woman. xo


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