Monday, June 6, 2011

"Where I'm From" poetry, Monday's Prayer and school room clean-up

The freshmen wrote "Where I'm From" poems
for part of their poetry unit.
Here's just a sample.
The second and third pics are of the same poem--
he used two sheets of paper --he's quite word prolific.

Now for Monday:

There will be a few of us at school tomorrow
 cleaning our rooms,
sorting papers, tossing, filing,
and packing books and files of ideas
to take home for summer lesson planning.

I will be one of them.

All the furniture will end up in the hallway,
must be removed and put somewhere else.

First I will tackle my unusually (seriously) messy desk.

Then I will tackle this smaller desk and table.
The bulletin board can stay this way for next year.

I will find a spot on my shelves for the kids' notebooks
that I graded---all 120 of them--just a few are shown here.
(I will consolidate them into several crates).

Next September they can claim them and take them home
or toss them.

I'm looking forward to the day.

And as I head off for bed, I will leave you with
Monday's Prayer
courtesy of Stormie Omartian:

I commit my day to You and ask You to be in charge of it
from beginning to end.
Enable me to do all I need to do successfully and well.
Help me to do it carefully and not carelessly.
Help me to do it all diligently and not lazily.
Help me to do everything skillfully and not shabbily.
I know I cannot do all I need to do in my day without Your help.

I don't want to ever take for granted that,
just because I have done some of these things before,
they are always going to turn out right each time.
I know that sometimes even the simplest things can become
a problem or a challenge,
so I don't want to assume
 that everything will automatically go smoothly.
That's why I submit my entire day to You
and ask You to be in charge of all I am doing.

I thank You that Your are in charge of my day
and all that happens.
Be in charge of the surprises, the unexpected,
and the things that turn out differently than I planned.
Enable me to hear Your voice speaking to my heart,
telling me the way I should go and what I should do.

In Jesus' name I pray.


Blessings to you as you begin your work week.


  1. It sounds like a lot of work, but I bet it feels good to get it done!

  2. Wow. I'm really impressed by these poems. I always knew those kids were lucky to have you as a teacher! I especially loved that first one... "I am from cleaning the barn."

  3. You have a wonderful and important job, Beth. You help shape the minds and souls of the next generation. Can anything be more important? Still, a job that needs a good, long holiday!:) Happy summer!

  4. really nice poetry.

  5. Beth! I LOVED these poems, so much. The first had a flavor of Robert Frost at times, but they ALL were really really good. These kids wrote their souls... oh, keep encouraging them. They have so much to offer...

  6. thoroughly enjoyed the work of these kids!


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