Monday, August 22, 2011

Barn Charm #9

I took this photo from my car.
I stopped in the middle of the road, stuck the camera out the window,
and. . .Click! Got the shot!
These barns are off in the distance from the road I travel
to our lake place.
I'm not sure even how to get to them.
But they've always intrigued me,
and finally I was able to get them on camera.

(The road I travel is not usually busy and I always make sure
there are no other cars remotely in sight
before I stop in the road.).

I'm posting early as we are making a one day
down and back trip to Cincinnati tomorrow.

Sometime this Monday evening,
Tricia will have her Barn Charm up and running,
so check it out.


  1. all surrounded with lovely shades of green.

  2. I do a lot of barn shots the same way.
    That's a nice collection of barns!

  3. You're on the road again!
    Take care, Becky

  4. I too have a love for barns. I don't know if I ever shared, but I would love to rehab one and live in it. How cool would that be?!
    Safe travels my friend. xo

  5. Must be - or have been - a busy farm with that many barns! I love the weathered shades of colors.

  6. Must be - or have been - a busy farm with that many barns! I love the weathered shades of colors.

  7. Hi Beth, Great capture of the barn... Have a safe trip to Cincy....

    When do you go back to school? Our schools here have been in session for 2 weeks already..

  8. Oh, I like this...just something about it.

  9. I really like these Beth - so much character.

  10. WoW! Those are some big barns... lots of square footage to cover in them all, but I'd sooo love love love to explore them! I'm guessing they're not in use any longer & that's a shame to see, but you've captured & recorded them & that's what I love about Barn Charm

    Thanks so much =)

  11. Wow you took a very good shot on these barns. They are so pretty!

    Barn Charm

  12. There is something about the faded red of barns that makes them seem like family.

  13. Nice! Glad you were able to stop and get the shot.

  14. I am lol because I love those "drive by shootings"! Love how it's on that grassy hill!

  15. I'm glad you're careful when you stop to take barn shots. I can see why you'd find these intriguing!


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