Friday, August 26, 2011

Indoor cat/outdoor scents

Ahhh, the scent of the outdoors---next best thing to being there!

George loves my garden slide-ons after I've been working hard in the soil.
He usually rolls on them, but this night he decided to slip into them!

(George can no longer be trusted to even go out on the back patio.
He heads straight for the lily leaves to chomp on them.
This is not a good idea because lily leaves are poisonous to cats.
He ate one once, but fortunately threw it up.
He also loves to roll around in any and all plants,
his 19 lbs. squashing everything.
This does not please me.
So George is now stuck with smelling my shoes!)


  1. What a cutie, Beth... It's funny/strange how animals love certain items of clothing of ours.. I read recently about a puppy pulling dirty underwear out of the hamper... One never knows what pets like --and why. BUT--your explanation of George enjoying the smell of outdoors is a good explanation!

  2. That's funny! George is such a pretty cat!

  3. After Betsy's comment, I added the explanation about George and his love of outdoor scents.

  4. gorge is a very good kitty
    as long as he stays in the house
    he can roll around with the garden shoes
    and dream of catching a mouse

  5. Wow, babysitting the cat...keeping him away from poisons...

  6. Ah, hahahahaha, I LOVE these photos! Cats are SO funny :)

  7. sometimes I'm ok with just the scent of the outdoors too! :)

  8. At least he has a nice extra pair of shoes, and they match his fur. Classy.


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