Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Corner View: Homeplace

I grew up in Methodist church parsonages.
A parsonage is a house owned by the church
for the purpose of providing a home for the minister and family.
But the minister and his family can't change even the wall paint color
without permission from the church's parsonage committee.

None of these ever really became my homeplace.

Therefore, I will feature my parents' first and only owned home.
After dad's retirement, they finally were able to own a home
and decide for themselves what to and not to do to it.

 The following pics are of whole or parts of scrapbook pages
 that I made a long time ago.

Some of the lettering appears to be missing on the page below,
but that's because I didn't want to take the page out of its protector,
so there is a glare on it.
The one part reads: Roy and Shirley
Hilliard's first owned home.

Below is a pic where you can read this paragraph better.

The 56 is supposed to be 5680--the number part of the address.
My parents moved into this home when Dad was 62 and Mom was 63.

Mom was brought up to hate cats,
but one day my daughter plopped a white bundle of fur
in her Grandma Shirley's lap.
 Instant mutual love occurred.
Muffy completed this homeplace for my parents.

Dad loved working with plants, mowing the lawn,
and trimming the shrubs.

Muffy stayed at the house when mom and dad sold it.
Due to health reasons, they moved into a retirement apartment
that was a part of a huge Methodist Retirement Campus.
Pets weren't allowed, but the new owner of the house
gladly kept Muffy and she lived a long life here.

I guess this is the closest I come to having a homeplace.

                                                   It was  tough for me when they sold it,
but mom was able to get around in the new apt. complex
with her walker or in her wheelchair,
and that was good.

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  1. life's changes often take away the places we grew up in, and that's sad, i think. but at least we are made in such a way that we can carry those places (and people) in our hearts...

  2. I really enjoyed this. I can see the joy in finally living in their own home and what it meant to the whole family.
    A lot of pastors around here now live in their own homes - I can see why!

  3. i totally like the part about muffy.

  4. Kinda sad, Beth, not to have a childhood home you can call your own... Glad your folks finally got one --and loved it... Muffy looked like my cat, Snowball. I grew up with Snowball. She died when I was in college...

    Methodist Ministers these days in some places are given a housing allowance instead of a parsonage --which helps them to have their own place.


  5. ha! the porch! the place i'd hang out, like all the time...! ;)
    i can't begin to imagine such surroundings as parsonages, i always thought they held a somewhat romantic glamour, but i guess not. maybe i'm thinking of english parsonages? i don't know...

  6. My parents never owned any of the homes I lived in while I grew up either, and my kids are being raised in a rented home - but we're allowed to make small changes to interiors!

  7. Maybe we can keep in mind that the homeplace is with the people we love...

  8. Sounds like they made the most of their first home!

  9. Creative tribute to your parent's home!

  10. Gracious memories that you've preserved well.

  11. I think it is very difficult when you experienced as how the parents have to sell the home. There is no place where you can go if you want to go anywhere would. Thank you for the wonderful memories and insight into the photo album of your family.


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