Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Corner View: Trios

A trio.
Three best friends who were brothers in a sense.
They were three of seven Mikes
 in a group of friends in our small town high school.
Thus, all were given nick names.
From front: Paul Michael --- Hoghead,
Left back corner: Kenneth Michael --- Woody,
Back right corner: Robert Michael --- Orrdog (my husband)

Humor was a huge characteristic and asset for all three of them.
Each one of them could have you laughing harder
than you thought imaginable---
Together they were extraordinarily funny.

Hoghead and Orrdog still make us laugh.
We lost Woody about five years ago to liver cancer.

These two photos were taken at a mall where we met up.
It was a half-way point for Hoghead, Orrdog, and me
 from this end of Ohio
and Woody and wife Susan from up near Akron, Ohio.
(Hoghead's wife Gretchen couldn't make it that night.)

It was the last time we all got together.

We all have wonderful memories of this terrific guy,
and Hoghead and Orrdog can still tell great stories
of this trio's antics.

Three men who have Michael as their middle name,
with its shortened form of 'Mike' as the name they go by.
All three have unique nicknames.
All three considered each other as a brother.

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  1. i'm loving the nick names, beth! tee hee... and look at them, friends for life, and after, sort of. so sweet...

    the one, two, THREE in relation to your grandchildren... oh yes! they would know. such a delight for a young child, and for the (grand)mama's.... ;)))
    (the box is for x-mas only now...)

  2. can't seem to write a sentence tonight...but, i will give it another try anyway.

    i was thinking that a really nice and good sense of humor is a gift.

    okay...that's better.

  3. What a unique bond there must have been to keep their friendship alive in real life and in memory for so long.

  4. as so often, Beth, you tell us a wonderful story… thanks!

  5. I love your interpretation of trio! I can see those guys knew how to laugh - the nicknames make me laugh. :)

  6. Great trio! As I read this, I realised that my two best friends from school and I always called ourselves "das Kleeblatt" (=trifoil, cloverleaf), because we did nearly all in a trio! Still try to keep this tradition up, but as we live in three different cities now, it's sadly rare. Thanks for your memories that woke up mine! ;o)

  7. That is so neat... So many men don't keep up with old friends -as much as we women do.. I love seeing those guys together. Sad that one of them is gone.

    Love the nicknames.

  8. What fun memories you share and such unique nicknames.

  9. Oh, but they must have been a wonderful trio, those men! I can see it in their eyes -- good humored men. (And even without that glistening in the eye, I can tell by their nicknames. Good fun, indeed!)

    And thank you for your nice comment on Top3s dinosaurs. They are exactly that: intended to be fierce, but you want to cuddle them and knit them scarves for the winter because they just are too cute. Like Top3, actually...

  10. what a nice story ... very nice choice of trio :)

  11. I got a little misty-eyed reading that story! Thank you for sharing.

  12. Made me chuckle along with them. Thanks for sharing.

  13. There is something so precious about life-long friendships. They all look like great guys Beth. So sorry you lost one of them but thankful you have such wonderful memories.

  14. Wonderful how their relationships have been such a harmony over time. xo

  15. How wonderful that they have kept in touch all these years.

  16. How wonderful that they have kept in touch all these years.

  17. Now this was a great post...I really enjoyed reading it.


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