Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Barn Charm #37

My husband and I discovered this barn
on a gravel road that wound back into the countryside
from Rt. 147 towards Bethesda, Ohio.

At first I was disappointed that I couldn't rid the photo
of the utility pole and meter (or whatever it is).

But then I decided I liked the contrast of the old weathered barn
with the modern-day contraptions.

If the barn could talk, I wonder what it would say
about these new-fangled stuff!

Tiny bit closer.

Bursting at the seams!

View from the other end.

A glimpse of the 'rolling' Southeastern Ohio hillside
and other farms in the distance.

For more barn views, click below:


  1. Beth - you found a really cool one! I love the leaning look!

  2. I like to imagine the people and the circumstances that these old buildings experienced. There is such a charm about these really old barns Beth.

  3. good barn find.
    my fave shot is the last one with the view. it has a nice kind of flow.

  4. Like the softness of the grays and blues.

  5. I have one of those big old electric things in my yard but I appreciate it somewhat because it means I don't have overhead wires.
    I love the fourth shot and the beautiful skies overhead!

  6. great views. love the puffy clouds. (:

  7. She's definitely bursting at the seams, I wonder what treasures are hiding inside! Great barn & fantastic sky

    I'm so sorry you had trouble posting... Has it been fixed? Did you download Chrome? I've had Google Chrome for quite some time, but don't think I've seen that particular message, strange. I know what you mean by downloading stuff, it makes me leery, too!

  8. The other end definitely looks in better shape. The front seems to lean just a bit. lol

    I understand the 'things in the photo' issue. A time or two I've tried to PS them out, and sometimes it's works okay, and sometimes it doesn't. I like the shot.

    Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm #82

  9. Wonderful texture on that old barn. Don't worry about the utility pole - its part of how a barn works.

  10. Actually, seeing so many barns with so much damage is rather a heart-acher and breaker for me. It just seems to indicate how much life has changed and how often farms have been abandoned. You do take good "explaining" pictures, and you fill our present day aspects with reality.


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