Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Corner View: Room with a View

This is the view from my desk in my class room.

If I go close to the window, lean in, and look far to my right,
I see a bit of countryside.

This is what I used to see from my desk in my first class room
at this school.

Below is what I see by standing near the window;
I don't have to lean in close to see this.

My friend Tracy has this view now.
I did before I was laid off for a year.
When I was called back, it was to replace a teacher who had retired.
I got her room.
I miss my old one.

This is the view my friend Alaina sees from her desk.
Her room is on the front of the first section of building.
Tracy's and mine are in that same section, but on the backside of that hallway.

For five years, I taught in a musty room on the second floor
with no windows.
There were no windows anywhere on that floor.
That was in Cincinnati.

One of my 'musts' for my next job was to have a room with a window.
You can imagine my joy when I got the view of the farm in the distance!

However, even though I don't have that view any more,
I do have a wall of windows
and sunlight does pour in.
So I'm still grateful for my room with a view.

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  1. WOW, a beautiful view to see daily while you are teaching. I can see how you would miss it. Thank goodness you still have a piece of it if you lean into the window. xo

  2. Beautiful... it looks so quiet and wide!
    Can I ask you what is the age of children you teach?

  3. Your view from desk ist beautiful. Landscape everywhere!

    I love the yellow schoolbus. So nice.

  4. You are surrounded by lovely rural countryside.

  5. So pleased you got classrooms with windows open to the countryside, fresh air and views. That must have been awful teaching in a room with no windows before. Enjoy your view - it looks so peaceful.

  6. I like seeing your views! Your other view was better, but I guess this beats no windows at all. :)

  7. I agree with what Mari said ! This beats no windows at all ... for sure !!

    I like your post ... your walking us through your various views and how you feel about them. And ending with gratitude. Perfect !

  8. If I had lovely views like that at work, I'd never get anything done. I'd be too busy staring out the window and daydreaming.

  9. I used to teach in a room with windows at the ceiling. To see out, I had to stand on a chair. When the tornado took our school, the best thing about the trailers was that my room had two windows I could see out. And now, I have beautiful windows in my classroom. I know how important that natural light is and how much it means to have a view. Hope you have one again!

  10. Really peaceful. Reminds me of my home town :)

  11. Hi Beth, Great pictures of your school. Sorry you still don't have that great view --but at least, you have windows...

    Have a great Thursday.

  12. There is plenty to see from your school, and lots of windows once you are no more at that second floor. I love the woods in the distance, and that much space! Great post.

  13. I think I can safely say that there is no school in the Netherlands with such views. We simply do not have that kind of wide open space. (Though this is a flat country, it is also crowded.)

    You spoke before of issues at school. I would have imagined these beautiful surroundings have a calming effect on both teachers and pupils.

    (It beats the concrete / urban views most schools have around here.)


  14. opsy! bloggers just ate my comment!
    Your school is in beautiful setting for both you and the students - I can't imagine schools anywhere (or places where kids spend time) with no windows at all!

  15. Yes, sunshine always cheers the soul, lucky girl.

  16. fun to see all the different views :-)

  17. great!
    cheers for this little tour.
    and there's always the book [secret garden ;))], isn't there, although your views are quite stunning. there is the wide open space!

  18. A "room with a view" is a good thing! My husband worked at the Offutt AFB for years, "down under", usually a couple stories underground. That would drive me nuts. He did OK, but a times desired to see something. I keep windows as clear as possible, rarely covered with curtains or blinds b/c I want to see light and openness. This, in spite of the fact that we live in a very urban area. However, I'm not willing to be closed in any more than necessary. Glad you are in a "viewable" situation now.


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