Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Corner View: Fire

In Corner View, we are finishing up a series on the classical elements of earth, water, sky, and now: fire.
(I was not part of it back with  the first two.)
 I remember burning the tips of my fingers with the short matches that come in a box with the side rough to use as a scratch/lighter.
I don't know when I wised up and began using this tool, one that is more often used to light gas barbeque grills, but I do know my fingers are grateful. :>) 

The fire glows warmly, sending out a whisp of blueberry scent
from this wax blueberry ? ?-- I'm not certain if it's intended to represent a cobbler or a muffin.

The lighter is especially handy for 'firing up' the wick in those
 lovely scented, decorative glass container candles. 
This one is a Mother's Day present from my daughter a few years back.
  I bring it out in May and grace a spot with it near where I read,
so I can savor its lilac scent and its reminder that I'm loved.

Then the best gift to fingers: using the lighter for birthday candles!

Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Addy and Dillon!
Happy Birthday to you!

Dillon, now 7,  was closest, so he blew out most of the candles,
while Addy, now 5,  was more concerned with modeling her new mermaid outfit.
Big sis Peyton looked on---her day for blowing out the candles' fire was in February,
when she turned 9.

For more views on fire,
check out Francesca's fuoriborgo.


  1. i find using those tiny matches and burning fingers that go with it quite romantic, even though i howl, each and every single time. i also find it kind of challenges me, to endure the flame. but! that could be funny ol' me...

    your muffin' styled cobbler surprises me too. as long as it keeps the homefires burning...

    happy b-days to all. what a cake!

  2. I love candles. I have to light a wood stove every day in the winter so I know the benefits of a bbq lighter!

  3. I jave this little tool, too. I also like the big wooden matches. I love the bday cake celebration with a hint of flame. I can see how easy it is to have the love flames for these little ones to warms your heart. :) xo

  4. What a great birthday cake!
    Blow out the candles is the favorite time of the children I think :)

  5. For some strange reason that candle look delish. Like a piece of fried icecream. Before we had children we use to burn candles all the time. My 5 year old thinks it is great fun blowing them out.

  6. I think those lighters are one of the best gadgets of modern years. They save so many burned fingers when lighting candles. I wish they'd been around when I was lighting my children's cakes.

  7. We have one of those handy lighting tools too = great for campfires! I love to burn candles, it gives a room such a lovely atmosphere.

  8. Yep, it sure is easy to burn your fingers with matches! The children are very cute.

  9. For me, there is something so magical about fire. Our new house has a fireplace. It has been too warm to use it, but I am looking forward to the first cool day this coming fall.
    This was fun Beth!

  10. Good post on FIRE --and on the lighter. We never use matches anymore --and use one of those big lighters for everything we need to 'light'....

    Great group of photos.

  11. I use the whole arsenal: matches for the fire, lighter for candles, and a sparkler for the gas cooker. The mermaid outfit is a great present for a 5 year old.

  12. what a neat looking candle, that first one !

    i have one of those lighter things too ! i love it !!

  13. Yep! Love these handy fire-sticks!!
    Except when one refuses to turn on...

  14. i use one of these gadgets, too - or those REALLY long matches. i love candles and fireplaces (which i don't have) and chimineas. emily says i am a fire bug ;)

  15. I'm glad you had such a nice time and were blessing and being blessed. Worth a smile.


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