Friday, May 11, 2012

Where I live: walls

This week Francesca's  new weekly feature on Fridays
highlights walls.

This is the wall beside my husband's desk. 
 He has taken a corner of our unfinished basement
and made it into a sort of office/computer repair work area.

This wall in our high school's library features a picture of the Shenandoah.
It wreaked and parts of it were strewn over two or three farms
in nearby Ava.
Our high school is named after it.

The next three photos feature bulletin boards that take up a significant section of two walls
 in my class room.

This was the brochure project that my General English III (juniors)
did back in the fall.
They had to choose a city in the United States
and create a brochure to persuade folks to move there.
It was a follow-up to John Smith's letter to people back in England
trying to convince them to come over to the "New World."
Junior English is all American literature.

This same bulletin board now features photos of friends
and poems about friendship.
This was to highlight the theme of friendship between Lenny and George
in the novel Of Mice and Men.
Three of my girl students put it together.
The photos were brought in as part of an early assignment
done as an intro to the novel.
The poetry was a follow-up assignment
after reading the book.

The first major project of this novel unit
was to create an ad for a friend.
I spotlighted these in a prevvious blog.
They are shown on the front bulletin board.

Moving to totally different walls:
my nine-year-old granddaughter's bedroom.
She is a Justin Bieber fan.

My soon-to-be seven grandson
is still enthusiastice about the Cars characters.

My neighbors' side wall that has a door which leads into their basement.

The pedestrian entrance side to our garage.
The block planter is slated to be torn down
in the next few weeks.
(The dead plants in the pots are from last year.
I have to dump them, clean the pots, and replant.)

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour.
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  1. I really enjoyed this! Seeing all these walls that surround you was so interesting, especially the ones from your class. I think you are a great teacher, you come up with such inventive projects for your students!

  2. i wonder what you're going to find under that block planter...

    i really like the friend board.

    your husband's corner looks very man-ish.

    and the info about the Shenandoah is interesting.

  3. Enjoyed the walls tour, Beth! Lotsa walls in your life...sets me to thinking about looking at my walls...methinks they're not as active as yours!
    Happy Mother's Day,

  4. This was fun! Loved seeing all the walls. (And you know I loved your bulletin board projects!!)

  5. I like all the great walls. The flag fence is pretty cool too. xo

  6. Interesting variety of walls. Seeing the projects your students do is quite impressive.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful tour, I could almost follow all the walls belonging to one of your days (and they told a story about the people!).

  8. Thanks for the tour! It's definitely time to plant some new flowers there :) I actually just did that this weekend, I found a variety of geraniums I'd never seen before, and filled my pots with them.


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