Friday, May 18, 2012

Where I live:windows

A lot of the old homes in this Victorian town, where I live, have doors with cut-glass,  multi-paned, stained glass, or a combination of them.
This is the front of a house that was up for auction. We were interested, but it had to go for a low price as it had sat empty for three years.  The bank bought it back and they are asking more than we are willing to pay on a house that will need extensive work.

Some window hightlights of the house:

This window is in the foyer of another home that is for sale--again for much too much. This house needs even more work than the above one and the owner is asking twice as much.  I featured this in a post about "My Dream House."
The huge, stunning winow on the stair landing. 

These next windows are from The First United Methodist Church
which I have featured in the "Where I live: roofs and doors."

Every window in this church is stained glass.

These stained glass windows are in the walk-in-closet that used to be my bedroom
when I lived in the Methodist parsonage
here in Barnesville.
My Grandpap Jarvis built a vanity area under it for me.

Another one of The Victorian Villages stately homes
with LOTS of windows.
My town should have stock in Windex!

For more window views,
check out Francesca's Fuoriborgo.


    I love older houses and buildings with those gorgeous features and windows. I just showed my daughter that house and she is drooling with me!

  2. my favorite windows are your bright and sparkly eyes!

  3. What a treat to see these artistic homes and windows. I especially like the colors in the first one.

  4. What incredible windows around you!

  5. gorgeous windows! I find windows the most important feature in a house - and yet I live in an ancient house build back when windows had to be small as not be a problem for insulation!

  6. Lovely photos - as are a lot on your blog. I've been working my way back through your postings since coming over from Easy Street!

    I love the ides of tenugui cloth passing from person to person.

    I've also read your purpose on 'Living or surviving' and as a sufferer for the last twenty years or so with chronic neurological problems I was wondering if you were likely to post on that blog? I'm sure there would be many people interested in your views and experiences.

    (And my drink is tea, two sugars please.)

  7. Just realised you don't have a 'Followers' gadget in your sidebar so people can see when you post. (I know I could get e-mails but I'd rather see it in Google Reader - one gets so many e-mails nowadays.) I appreciate not everyone wants to be bothered putting a followers gadget in but if you did I'm sure you would have quite a few.

  8. I love windows, too. Colorful, shaped outside our normal present-day boring ones. Glad you can see so much and take great photos.

  9. A house filled with stained glass windows is truly a tremendous sight. One thing about stained glass windows is that they provide a lasting beauty and a unique identity to your home. Plus, they never lose their value. In fact, their value may even increase over time. Somehow, gazing at stained glass windows gives you this peaceful sensation. It’s no wonder they’re commonly placed in churches.

    - Sandra Ludwig


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