Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Barn Charm #43

On a Sunday drive to get jelly and eggs,
I got lots of good barn shots.
Here are some of them:

We came around a bend as we climbed one of the many hills
and I spotted this to my right.
My husband was able to slow for two snaps of the camera.

This next one was in a spot
where I could barely get one shot.
Although, they are from the same angle,
I like the first one because it shows that it sits in the middle
of a stand of trees.
However, I cut off its back, so the next shot shows the entire barn,
but without giving a good sense of the setting.

I caught a glimpse of this barn yard scene
through the trees
and I couldn't resist snapping a pic of it.
I used my zoom to get this little bit.
We couldn't explore further as it was down a private drive.

For more barns, please click below:


  1. love the animals standing around in the barnyard

  2. I must find a driver and do a serious barn charm search! Kudos for your husband's taking the wheel so you can click away, Beth! Your first barn is so interesting because it looks like it was built layer upon layer--a hay barn maybe?

  3. Those older barns have such charm Beth. They look quite comfortable in their settings.
    How lovely that there are so many all around your area.

  4. These are very good barn pictures. Some barns are simply in a difficult place to shoot. You did these very well.

  5. These are beautiful finds! I see a lot of barns, but they are in places where it's difficult if not impossible to get a shot. You captured these very nicely!

  6. Wow! I wish my route to get jam and eggs were this attractive!

  7. Great barns! It's nice that your hubby is so patient to let you get these shots. Tell him thanks!

  8. love all the different views. such a great find. (:

  9. Don't you love surprises around the bends in the road? My husband is a patient man, too - willing to stop, back up, wait . . . :)

  10. I love that first one! It looks like it isn't in use which is a shame. Wish it were mine. :)
    It seems that double cupolas are the way to go in that area.
    Nice shots Beth!

  11. i must be hungry...all i can think about now is jelly on toast and eggs

  12. Great barn pictures, Beth... I always enjoy your rides in your area. That's such gorgeous countryside... Glad you got some great pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. That 1st barn sure is GIGANTIC, isn't it... I'm wondering if there's 4 floors to it or what.
    The 2nd is a beauty, too, love the bright white color & the sliding barn doors.
    The barnyard does look interesting, doesn't it. =)

    Thanks for joining, Beth!!! =)

  14. Both are really nice...the first one looks huge!

  15. will you take many barn seeking trips now that you're on summer holidays? by the way, do you still have the tenugui? if so, can you email me? I think the next person down the list is Heather, but she's very busy right now, so we should probably move her down (I would ask her first). thanks!


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