Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Barn Charm #45

This is one of my favorite barns around my small town.
It is on Rt. 147 East towards the little town of Bethesda, Ohio.
The day that my hubby and I took a drive to capture barns around Bethesda,
I was finally able to get some shots of this one.
We have more of these quilt motifs in my area;
 some are simply quilt blocks,
whereas others feature Ohio dates.
This one was for our celebration of 200 years as a state.
It is an active farm as you can see with the farmer and his tractor.

He did not seem to mind me pointing the camera at his barn and him.
(Mike was able to pull off a little to the side of busy Rt. 147.)
I imagine the farmer is used to folks snapping pics of his barn and its lovely design.

Notice the cloud bank in the lower margin of the sky
directly behind the big barn.
I love our shades of blue skies interspersed with lovely white clouds!

Here is a close up of the design.
It's a little off kilter.
Mike was needing to get back on the road
due to an increase of traffic
and us not being able to pull completely off the road,
so my aim is crooked.

I straightened it up with my photo program,
so that the design is straighter,
but now the outer frame of the picture is off.

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  1. ohio is so cool. i love it. so decorative. i love days like this ... where it looks like some one just took a paint brush & put a cloud there & there. too fun!! glad you had a chance to take some views of the barn. i bet the owner, or should i say i hope the owner is thrilled to have all folks stopping to check out the barn. ha. ha!! (:

  2. i love those barns with the ohio commemorative!

  3. Gorgeous Barn....I bet that farmer is very proud...I know I would be!

  4. Hi Beth, This may be my favorite 'quilt barn' I've seen... Someone did a great job of the design...

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. It's a very nice barn and I love that quilt block!

  6. I agree very quaint barn. I have not seen quilt painting in the barns here in MI. This shot is beautiful!


  7. oh, if that quilt painting shot was on my computer i could use "straighten photo" capability to fix it...nice picture anyway, beth. thanks fot stopping by and leaving kind remarks.
    have a lovely week enjoying your summer freedom :)

  8. Great series of photos, Beth. Someone did a good job on that quilt block.

  9. After I read Becky's comment, I went back in and messed around with my program. I thought I only had full rotations not custom, so I didn't try before. However, I was able to straighten up the quilt block, but that left the picture askew, which I decided was okay.

  10. That is a very gorgeous barn! I would haven't had to have taken a picture of it too if I had seen it! Just beautiful! Cool to have the tractor and the farmer in the picture too!

  11. Gorgeous barn I think the man in the photo adds to it.

  12. This is a real beauty. I love quilt barns!

  13. it is neat how the farmer is watching you take your photos, then he gets bored and walks away!

  14. This one is very special indeed Beth. I love the quilt design. It is perfect against the white. Barns do have a unique charm.

  15. This is a wonderful barn and I love the closeup you got of the quilt block!

  16. Your barn photos are always interesting. I think this one is definitely special with the quilt block design on the side. Your photos taken against the blue sky and little white clouds are lovely. It was good to see the farmer in your shots, too.

  17. why beth, that is some barn charm indeed... ah, it's SO romantic...

    i must thank you for your invigorating visits chez moi.
    you say you often smile, when over.
    i can assure you, i smile right back when i read you!

  18. I think that Ohio was out front in the wonderful tradition of celebrating rural life by painting quilt patterns on barns? It's most common in eastern Kentucky and was a project of the Kentucky Arts Council. A great project.

    The clear blue sky provides a perfect background for this design--perfect on a white barn.

  19. Living so close to Ohio here in WV I am very familiar with the Bicentennial barns. I love them. I think that was such a neat project.
    Thank you so much for leaving the positive comment on my Mail Pouch Barn. You really put into words the way I feel about their history - much thanks!

  20. That is the nicest quilt on a barn that I have seen. I really like something like the OHIO in the midst of all that beautiful design.


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