Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Corner View: Animal

If you are not a cat lover,
do not proceed any further!

(I do not know why there is a circle by Mike's head!)
When my husband was finally able to move up here
from Cincinnati,
we had the problem of what to do with the stray cat
he had taken in for almost two years.

"Cat" has FIV - the feline version of HIV.
We researched and still were leery of getting my cats vaccinated.
But without vaccination,
the first cat fight (which was inevitable)
could and most likely would result in them getting FIV.
Mike did not want to euthanize Cat--he really struggles with that solution.

Fortunately we were able to get Cat into a No-Kill Cat Refuge
with a huge section of rooms for sick cats--
specifically those with FIV and feline leukemia.

On one of our visits back, we visited Cat.
The above pic shows Mike petting his beloved buddy
while being greeted by the other cats in the room.
Cat is the striped one lying down.
The rest of the pics are of some of the cats.
It is a really nice shelter run by volunteers and donations.
It is clean with a bed for each cat and large rooms for them to roam around in.
A cat is only in a cage when it is first brought to the shelter.
 It is eventually assigned
to a room.


3. This one was really not feeling good that day.  You can see
the hair loss.






I got my share of attention and also gave plenty.

The cats in the pictures above are all sick.
The rooms below have non-sick cats in them.
Most of the cats, even the FIV ones, are available for adoption.
Obviously the FIV ones comes with restrictions and strict directions.
For example, it must be kept inside the home at all times.

One last show of Mike with Cat.

10. (Cat)
I numbered the single cat photos.
Which cat is your favorite and why?
(Now if this were an English class assignment,
you would have to state two reasons and write a paragraph of
at least five sentences. Luckily it's not!)

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  1. So many pretty cats! Glad they get taken care of so well.
    That circle by Mikes head? It's his halo!

  2. I think the white dot actually is a halo over Mike's head. :)

    I'm so happy you were able to find such a nice place for your cat and can still visit. They all are beautiful, but the markings on #9 are cool.

    Oops I just happen to glance up and saw Mari said the same thing about the halo, must be true then! xo

  3. What a nice place for them! (My favorite is Cat, because he looks like my childhood kitty :)

  4. My favorite is 7. What a lucky "fine" to get a home that is caring for all cats and especially "Cat."

  5. beth!
    all those cats surrounding you!!
    one thing's for sure: the circle around your hosbondo's head is the one of a saint.
    that's clear.

  6. How lucky Cat was to find your husband and be taken care of so well at the home. My fave is Nr. 7

  7. It's hard to pick only one cat... They all are so beautiful! I love cats, I hope one day we can have one.

  8. i like the one in the blue sweatshirt :-)

  9. Number 7 would be my choice. She looks so quizzical and has such pretty markings.

  10. im not really into cats, but Cat looks adorable and also # 7 :)

  11. Number 6, I don't know exactly why,, just feel like I'd like her (Him?) as a friend:))
    How sweet the way your and your husband's Love for each one of them shines through your post!

    PS Thanks you for your visit,
    Nice to meet you through CV,

  12. It's a good thing that there are animal shelters, and people like you willing to visit and pet.

  13. Picture 6 caught my attention. I really do love cats, but can't have one at home any more. So, I love on the neighborhood ones when I can. Maybe the cats I've loved will be meeting me at my mansion in heaven. Sounds good, huh?


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