Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Corner View:Vegetable

Corner View is a weekly appointment - each Wednesday - created by Jane, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme and hosted by Francesca.
This week's theme is  part of a trilogy inspired by the game "animal, vegetable, or mineral?"  It comes from  Dana. Last week we did animal, so this week it is vegetable.
Our local Farmers' Market started the last weekend of May and I made sure I was at the first one and each one since.  The fresh produce is limited right now due to Ohio's climate, but it will be picking up soon.
As you can see, I buy more than produce!  Such yummy deserts like fried pies of cherry or peach or black raspberry and fudge!  So delicious!

Ahem! I must get to the topic!

Fancy, red-tipped lettuce that makes a wonderful base for a salad.
 I am having a salad each day
and then fixing the vegetables another way for the other meal.

Fresh beets complete with dirt clinging to them.
I looked up recipes for beets
and found an interesting article on the beet leaves.
They are supposedly the 'new spinach'
and are packed full of nutrients.

(I don't have a photo of the actual leaves;
I didn't realize their importance at picture time.
Oh wait--one is peeking out by the onions but they are much bigger
than this one shows and more colorful too!)
There was a recipe for them:

Cut the leaves from the stems.
Rinse at least twice.
Blanche in boiling water for 2 minutes,
then submerge in ice water.
Wring them out in your hands.
They will store in fridge for three days.

To fix for a meal, lightly saute in olive oil with chopped/minced garlic cloves.

I was skeptical, but they weren't bad.
The recipe suggested lemon juice squeezed on them
and I think that would have improved the flavor.
I will try them again when I have lemons handy.

Finally, lovely onions that flavor stir fry and salads.

For more views on vegetables from the corners of the world
check out  Francesca's.


  1. The onions remind me of my father. He always loved onions, especially the Walla Walla sweets that were grown in our area.

  2. enjoy a salad for me, will you?

  3. Those onions are great (and I do love also the ready made things of the first photo!).

  4. We've been enjoying our meals with salad and fresh vegetables now that we are into the picking season. (I have the softer leaved plants growing in a box by the back door that I can pick for a quick salad lunch and it's good to have some food in store from the farmer's market).

  5. sigh!
    cherry pie!!
    but i'm loving all that i see here!

    cheers for your truely wonderful comments. i take it all in account. i will definitely do something with that little poster of mine...

  6. I love vegetables, but I think if that collection were on my table, I'd eat the pies first! I have no willpower and that is why my booty is the size of Texas!

  7. It's dinner time here and all your pictures give me hungry! It's very appetizing.

  8. how wonderful for farmers to be able to sell their fresh produce, as well as food prepared with it! it would take years of applying to this and that permit for it to happen in this country. happy summer!

  9. I love visiting the local farmers markets. Always something new to try out and of course great photo opportunities too with all those gorgeous bright fresh colours.

  10. Forget the veggies. I'll take the pies!!!!! ha ha

    No really---great pictures of the veggies. Didn't know that about beet leaves. Interesting.

  11. I love beets! I too love to go to farmers' markets but I wish I had some more chances to do it. Farmers' market in our city is only on Saturdays when I usually work so I always miss it.
    Fresh vegetables in my kitchen always make me happy :-)
    Thank you for your stuffed peppers recipe!

  12. I love roasted beets with olive oil, salt pepper, goat cheese, and pistachios. Yummy! You should try it!

  13. Good for you for eating plenty of veggies!

  14. don't you just love summer and its benefits? in your case, you have a little more time for things like fresh cooking!
    thanks for stopping by--i totally appreciate it!

  15. Hope you enjoyed all your lovely foods. Made me hungry just looking at the pictures.


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