Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Barn Charm #46

This week's barn charm features a farm that is about twenty minutes
out of town east toward Bethesda, Ohio.
There are several outbuildings and a decent-sized barn
with extensions to it.
There is also a large brick farmhouse that dates back to the late 1800s.

Recently it was bought by a family who are in the process of restoring
all the buildings and making the farm a success.
I wish them the best of luck.
It's a lovely setting
and there's a special surprise waiting you on the barn.

You can glimpse the surprise here.

Now here it is--a gorgeous quilt block!
I'm so glad they are working on restoration!

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  1. What a wonderful homestead!
    That is the largest barn quilt I think I've ever seen and it's lovely!

  2. What a beautiful setting that is. Great quilt block.

  3. Nice barn and photo!
    Very spesial, you cant fint somthing like that in Norway.
    from Photo by Ingun, Norway

  4. The whole setting is really nice and the quilt adds a special touch!

  5. such a great barn. love the design there. is it considered a quilt even if it does not look like a quilt? i have no clue?! (:

  6. Such a beautiful set of barns and that home is marvelous... WOW!!!!! Love the big quilt square.

  7. I love barn quilts! This is a beautiful place with the big barn and lovely home. I'd love to see inside!

  8. Not only would I love to explore all the barns, but that house is tremendous! WoW! Thanks for sharing these beauties & joining =)

  9. I love all the barns and the house is beautiful. Best of all you have a quilt barn :)))

  10. what a beautiful place!! lovin' the quilt!!

  11. I love your barn photos, but this one is really beautiful with that quilt block design on the big barn.

  12. Looks really nice. AND reveals a lot of work. Not so easy!


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