Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Corner View: Hot

It was a hot day.
I didn't realize that it was supposedly the hottest day yet;
I just knew I needed to get some digging and planting done.
After several people commented on how crazy I was
 to be digging in my flower garden on the hottest day so far,
I went inside.

It WAS much cooler; I didn't appreciate how cool until later
when the house heated up.

The storm came with little warning.
We had a few minutes to bring stuff in, batten down things,
and then the thunder boomed and the rain pounded.
But it was the wind that got our attention
right before the power went out.

The storm itself lasted maybe an hour, maybe longer.
But its effects are still being felt.

Folks are still without power.
We are some of the fortunate ones.

However, since we have had the power go out twice
while power was being restored and trees cut down elsewhere,
I still have some of the candles out on the table.

The generator is still in our garage.
My husband will take it back to his dad's (now our) barn
when the weather forecast is no longer calling for severe storms
and power is restored throughout the counties.

He'll take back these cords too.
I was impressed with how he got the cords up to our second floor kitchen window
and connected to our fridge.

The coolers are upright now, but have not been stored away in the basement yet.
When we were able to get enough ice to pack our food,
we shut down the generator and started hauling food out of fridge and freezer.

However, some food didn't survive 50 hours in a cooler.
Fortunately we did not have much meat stored
and were able to save most of that.

The bags of soggy food are shown here in a shower that is no longer used in the basement,
awaiting being taken out to the dumpster.

We have not put the thermometer down as low as we used to.
We were surprised at how, after sleeping in degrees in the nineties,
the mid-seventies seemed so cool and comfortable--
we even covered up with a light quilt that first night with the power back on.

There were no covers used those two hot nights.
We even tried sleeping in recliner lawn chairs on our screened in porch--couldn't.
Not being used to windows open, we got out ear plugs--
the neighborhood dogs were not doing well either
and were quite vocal about their displeasure.

It is still unseasonably hot here in Ohio.
It's supposed to climb up into the low 100s later this week;
that is unheard of for this area in June and rare even for August.
But from others' blogs, I know we are not alone in experiencing hot temps.
We will get by and be thankful when the temps drop.

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  1. that is some HOT adventure!!
    i have never been is something hot like that, aldo the weather is acting up funny lately in the Netherlands!

  2. It is hot here too, Beth. Luckily there is usually no power outages, although I always keep extra ice packs in the freezer just in case. I love the heat - just not too much of it.

  3. I'm so sorry you lost power and food. It sounds really uncomfortably hot even at night. With God's grace this too will pass, glad you're all together and safe.

  4. It's been extremely hot here too, and very dry! At least we haven't lost power. Sorry about the loss of food!

  5. Glad things weren't worse for you than they were. Amazing how much we ALL depend on AC these days.. AND--most of us grew up without it and never thought much about it...We are spoiled, aren't we?

    We luckily have escaped the storms --but finally did get a little rain on Monday night. Need more --but we'll take what we can get.


  6. o my, these are some hot times you're having...surviving tho'...this too will pass, they say.

    hope your fourth is happy in spite of your bad luck...we're having 100 degrees here but haven't suffered the storm/tree damage

  7. Thats some story! Sometimes it good to have a big storm on a hot day, but this sounds a little dramatic!

  8. i really enjoy a good storm but this one sounds a little too good (really bad). i just love a dark day, with a good rain and no power outages!!

    glad you are appreciating some better conditions now!!

  9. some hot summer storm...
    apart from the fright, the energy!
    i wish i was not so scared of the thunder...

  10. Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I sure hope your power remains on. I'm up a little farther north in Ohio and it's hot here too...hopefully not near 100! My poor hubby is at Boy Scout camp in Coshocton..very hot there and sleeping in a tent is not fun either. He'll be happy to be home on Sat.! Have a great 4th. I'm hoping for some rain but no tornados please!

  11. oh, this sounds very uncomfortable and what a shame with the food.
    I really love hot weather, but since we got our dogs I have been considering earplugs too as we sleep with the windows open and the dogs are quite busy during the night communication the all the other dogs in the valley :)

  12. what an adventure, luckly all ended well, and food losses were not huge...

  13. We rarely have power outages here. It would inconvenience my work, as I need a computer for that, but other than that, it wouldn't be a big issue.

    (I'd love to live a life where it would not be an issue at all. It irritates me that we are all so electricity-dependent.)


  14. some of those images look very familiar... fortunately our fridge didn't have much in it when our power went out, either.

    i hope this is just an isolated weather year. something is very wrong when ohio has hotter temps than florida, in july!

  15. I hope things are back to normal now! I was lucky when the storms hit us as the power was only on/off for seconds - several times though so I unplugged everything that possibly could until they past. I couldn't imagine being without a/c in this heat. I hope that was the last of it for you for at least 10 years!

  16. It's going to be about 100 today and tomorrow.. and mid-to-upper 90s during the next week or so. And no rain. My yard is beginning to suffer, even when I water often enough. We're usually a day or so ahead of you, so I know what you are facing, too. It's also humid here, and don't know how that fits in with you.

    We've thought of buying a generator a number of times... usually thinking of winter's power shut-down. Could certainly make a difference now, too.

    Sorry for your food damage... and glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I'm pretty careful about buying meat now... just enough for a week or so, so the most money it would cost would be about $20. If the freezer was piled with it, I'd be enormously upset.

    Hope you are doing better, since I'm finally reading your posts a few days late. [Sorry.]


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