Monday, July 30, 2012

Prayer and Pictures

I've decided to get back to beginning my week
with a prayer post.
I had committed to doing that when I first started this post.
Then somehow, I got away from it.

It was recently pointed out to me by a close blogger friend
that she rarely saw 'me' these days.
There were barns and a corner view topic
and that was it.
I explained why and she understood.

But she got me to thinking, and then to praying,
(and a lot of you know how that goes),
and the decision was made to start putting more of 'me' out there again.
I'm grateful to 'j' for her concern and honesty.

Here are some photos of that delightful countryside out west of my small town.
I featured it in my last post and got some nice comments about the countryside photo
in the blog and in email.

The first three are of an old silo.

These were taken early this month (July).
The next two were taken in April.
I thought you might enjoy seeing the difference!
Note the purple flowers in the lower left-hand corner.
They are just brambles in the second pic of these two.

The silo caught my attention driving west back in April.
But in July, I drove right past it and then wondered where it was!
When I drove back east and home, I saw it peeking out of the green foliage.
I guess we were playing a game of hide and seek!
Another silo played that game with me also,
but that will be for another time.

This is one of my favorite photos.
I came upon this scene and had to stop and snap it.
There are no other buildings for several miles.
I also didn't see a person--just this truck and metal shed.

Same day, same building, different perspective.
This building is now featured as my header.

This is to the left of a dirt/gravel road that leads to the shed.
I like the texture and contrast gates add to the countryside.
The lone small feed bucket sits there.
I wonder who it's waiting for.

I hope you enjoyed these.
I used to head to the lake to find peace in the midst of daily living.
Now I head out here.

Here's the prayer to start the week with.
It comes from the book
The author is anonymous.

Dear Lord, You have given me so many reasons to celebrate.
Today, let me choose an attitude of cheerfulness.
Let me be a joyful Christian, Lord,
quick to smile and slow to anger.
And, let me share Your goodness
with all whom I meet
so that Your love
might shine in me
and through me.

Blessings to you all!


  1. i like the rolling hills of the countryside.
    what a difference! i really like the lush green of the leaves in the summer in your shots.

  2. I love the pictures - such a pretty area! The prayer is a good one too.

  3. It's interesting to see how the vegetation hides the silo and the landscape changes with the season.
    Thank you for the Monday prayer.

  4. Very nice prayer, Beth, and I'm glad you are going back to these posts on Monday... Important for all of us. Thanks!!!

    Great pictures. I love to see the same areas in different months/seasons.

    Have a good Texas visit.

  5. As usual, you have quite a big mix of where your heart is and where your goals grow and grow.



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