Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Week of Colors and Monday's Prayer Combo

Francesca is having A Week of Colors, Summer Edition,  this week.
Monday's color is blue
As you can see here,
there appears to be endless blue off the Cliffs of Moor in Ireland.

Also, check out the little blue house in this row of homes in a Irish town.
Someone wanted to stand out, didn't they?!

Join Francesca at Fuoriborgo for more blue representation.

Today is our first Staff Professional Day of the 2012/1013 school year.
Already there is dissension and grumbling
finding it's way to me.

With that in  mind,
here is Monday's Prayer:
Lord, You have warned me that I will be judged by the words I speak.
And, You have commanded me to choose my words carefully
so that I might be a source of encouragement and hope to all whom I meet.
Keep me mindful, Lord, that I have influence on many people . . .
make me an influence for good.
And may the words that I speak today be worthy of the One
Who has saved me forever.

Blessings to you all as you begin your new week!


  1. I love your blue shots this week - especially that row of houses. Good prayer for all of us!
    Does school start for you this week? Hope it goes well, if so.

  2. Ah, so you're back in school...hope things go well for you. God's blessings!

  3. Tomorrow is Teachers' First Day, but students don't start until next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. I think we are the last district in Ohio to start! This week is Noble County Fair and we do not start school until AFTER it!

  4. The first photo is amazing. I wish I could be swimming in this water now...

  5. Beautiful blues! I imagine now to live in the small blue house for holidays and have a walk along the blue sea...

  6. It's a good thing to stand out in a positve way! I really like the blue house. :-)

  7. Beautiful blue sea and sky and row of Irish houses. I know you have fond memories of your time in Ireland. Always lovely to see your photos of that time.
    Praying your day is going well. May God's love sustain you this week.

  8. Blessings of wisdom and peace for your new school year. Wonderful photos that you've shared.

  9. Love those little row houses :)

    (And I echo Susan's wishes for you, for the coming school year.)

  10. Gorgeous photos! I'd love to be Ireland right now. Sigh.

  11. I'd love to be IN Ireland... not be Ireland. Oopsy!

  12. If I lived in a terraced house, I probably would want to stand out too - though, come to think of it, I have lived in perfectly anonymous apartments, and felt quite unique!

  13. Would so love to be in Ireland... or Scotland ... or more of England. The "blue" is loverly!!

    And know you will be a loverly teacher, too.


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