Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Corner View: Emotion

I took LOTS of pictures during my five day visit
with my daughter and her family.
So I may be 'drawing' from them for awhile
for various topics.

To 'illustrate' emotion for corner view this week,
I chose to spotlight the facial expressions and body language
of my 18 month-old granddaughter Abby.

(Seeing the various kiddie and child pools and sprinklers
at an afternoon gathering of mothers and children.)

She is a swimmer already and had just showed off.
But apparently something got her upset.
Note the happy expression on the face of the girl climbing in
and the curiosity on the other girl's face.

Hungry.  She likes her food and cookie/pretzel snacks are a special treat for her.
She's really into the eating part!

This is her content, resigned, pensive passenger expression
where she sits quietly and observes the world around her.

Happy mother and daughter.

I honestly don't remember what she or I was doing at the time of this photo.
What do you think her emotion is?

And finally, I love the determination in her big brother Aaron's face here.
When he takes on a task, he is very determined to finish it.

For an eclectic collection of views on emotion,
please go to Francesca's Fuoriborgo.


  1. watching children's faces is a hobby of mine, too. what a nice visit that must've been. thanks for sharing it... are you sad to be back?

  2. They are very expressive - and cute too!

  3. children's faces are the best !

  4. Cute way to describe emotion, Beth. Your grandchildren are AWESOME.... Love the last picture ---of determination.

    And the next to the last picture of Abby makes me think she is either singing or yawning.... ha

    Cute post.. Thanks. AND--thanks for your email today.

  5. Young children show emotion so well. Your grandchildren certainly resemble you.

  6. Little cutie must love her!!!!

  7. look, it is all emotion here, there's no doubt about it. you have had a ball at this, all the way, it shows. how grand, beth!

  8. Nothing like the face of a child to reveal a true emotion, and your grandchildren are no exception :)

    Love Abby's adorable dresses and Aaron's determined little face. Looks like you had a fun visit with them!

  9. Wonderful photos - I especially like the expression on her face in the first one!

  10. They are both adorable, and you've done a great job pairing the pictures with the different emotions. I'm just not sure what she was thinking in that picture!

  11. Your granddaughter is so adorable! I love all your photos of her!

  12. gorgeous....children's faces always show such honestly in their emotions.

  13. I do love the expressions of all the children playing with water - the first and the last one of Aaron's determined face. He looks as if he was on a mission to finish a project. Sweet photos and you must have had a wonderful time. Look forward to more photos of your grandchildren.

  14. Well, you g-kids definitely aren't shy and subtle. They are easy to "read"... and it's a delight.


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