Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Barn Charm #51

Across from the Ohio State barn
from last week (Barn Charm #50)
is another set of barns.
There are at least 5 barns/outbuildings
and a majestic old farm house.
I took some of the photos in March and some in July.

This is coming back down after passing the buildings.
You can see the outline of a big barn and silo.
This is the clearest I've been able to get of the big barn and silo.
I would have to walk onto the property to get better shots.

These are slightly clearer photos of the silo and also a barn on its right.

This is facing two smaller barns to the right of the silo and barn from the previous photo.

A better view of them.

Side views of several of the barns..
Turn up the road to the right and you will see a garage outbuilding and the big house.

Here is the big house
with a garage type outbuilding to its left.
Notice how the one barn (barely seen in this shot) is on blocks.
That is not uncommon here.

The photo below of the house was taken in March.
The one above was taken in July.

These are to the right of the home.
One has a sign stating the Grier Homestead Est. 1840.
The other down from it appears to have been a spring house at one time,
where milk and such were kept cold
before in-home iceboxes and then refrigerators came to be.

This is on another part of the property.
You can barely see the spring house in the background on the right. 
This is to the right and down in front to the side of the big house.
The farm stretches out on both sides.

Without going into the huge turn-around driveway,
stopping, and getting out of my car,
I cannot get a complete composite photo of the 'farm'.

There always seems to be someone out in the yard,
which keeps me from stopping.
Someday maybe I will  work up the nerve to approach
the lady who is often working in the yard
and ask about the buildings
and the history.
If I do, I will update you.

For more views of barns from all over the world,
please click below:


  1. Beautiful farmyard! I hope you are able to find out a little more about the history.

  2. Nice shots- and what a neat place! As always, I just love the red barns!

  3. neat area. so much going on farm wise. i really like it. (:

  4. what a beautiful piece of property!

  5. What a wonderful property! I especially love red barns.

  6. The big house looks very new compared with the barns. I noticed 1840 on the little white building. interesting to see the barn on blocks - I guess for drainage.

  7. OH, do ask her...she would probably love to talk about it. And I love hearing the history.

  8. WoW! Beautiful to say the least... but, can you imagine the walk from the car in the parking lot carrying groceries & in the rain?! YiKeS! LoL!
    I'd love to hear the history of the place... I understand the hesitance of asking, believe me, but an ice breaker could be that there's a website that features barns called Barn Charm & you'd like to feature this property on your blog for all to see... of course, that might scare them off, too, but worth the try.

    Thank you very much for sharing this historical place w/ us =)

  9. I just love those old red barns...such character!!

  10. Lovely! I do hope you one day are able to find out more about this majestic place. I love the history of homesteads like this.

  11. beautiful, charming old barns!!

    you should stop and say hi, and ask lot's of questions. i have almost always been well received!

  12. Ohio must have more barns than I could have imagined almost anywhere, especially since they have to be close enough to you that you can see them and take the photos and even know a bit of their history. [Maybe if the Lord ever sends me out in your area, you'll just have to show me around. We could have a good time!!]


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