Saturday, August 11, 2012

Croup and Addy (and bee stings)

I babysat Addy yesterday afternoon.
Her mom dropped her off at her dad's (my son's),
where I stayed with her.

It turns out Addy has croup.
This is the first of the 4 to ever have it.
My Sara had it a lot as did I when I was little.
Doug (my son) never got it.

I gave her the two prescriptions:
antibiotic and prednesone (sp.).
She did not like the pred., but swallowed both droppers full.
The photo above is of her holding her throat from the ickiness of the medicine.

I also read a book to her--one of those where you have to find items
on each page---while we sat in a steam-filled bathroom.
Her mom asked me to 'steam' her.
I remember doing it with Sara.

I got her at noon and she left at 4:30.
Mindy (her mom) noticed that her breathing was improved by the time she picked her up.
Addy did perk up as the afternoon went on.

I have more photos of us playing Barbie, which we did for a long time.
(I was having trouble uploading them though.)

We also played a board game
 and ended up with the movie Enchanted.
She was feeling a bit tired by the end of the afternoon
and wanted her stuffed animals and blankey with her.

I was feeling a bit tired too, but it was a good tired.

NOTE: Just talked to Doug and Addy is doing better today.
However, her 7-yr.-old brother accidentally surprised a nest
last evening and got stung 6 times.
Later that night he broke out in a rash and his lips began to swell,
so his mom took him to the ER.
Now he's on meds too.
But she told Doug that Dillon was finally sleeping and seemed to be better
this morning.

That's one of the toughest aspects of divorce:
knowing your kid is hurt or sick and you can't be there.
(Obviously if Dillon had been hospitalized or even critical in the ER,
Doug would have been allowed to be there.  Well, I'm at least believing that.)


  1. Poor kids! It's been a rough few days for them. And yes - I can see that it's hard on their Dad to not be with them too. Glad you could help out and sit with Addy.

  2. The end of summer stuffy stuff. So glad they are both feeling better. Addy is getting more beautiful by the day. Wonderful pictures by the way.

  3. I've never understood divorcees denying their ex access to the children. (I know a few families where this has happened. It is so cruel.)

    I'm sure hoping your ex daughter-in-law would not do such a thing!


  4. Addy is just beautiful! Hope she bounces quickly! And that Dillon is on the mend.

  5. Hope they are both feeling better as the weekend draws to a close. It was good you could be with them.


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