Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Corner View:Time for Myself

Books: That's luxury time for myself once I begin teaching
whether hardback or kindle (shown below).
I always have one with me and I carve out 5 minutes here,
10 minutes there, and so on,
all day long.

I will put my feet up on a cushion on a chair in my classroom
and take a break from all that crowds my 'being'
at work
and read what I want to read, not what I should read.
This restores my sanity and refreshes my mind, body, and spirit.

I am presently reading 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess
by Jen Hatmaker.

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  1. gosh, do i follow you on that one. my taste may differ from yours, but beth! feet up and switch off, yeah!

    ... i smile for we walk hand in hand this week... although no kindle in my house. i kinda feel inhibition... ;)))

  2. this sounds like my kind of 'time for myself' ! i am the same ... especially towards the end of the book ! last night i had only one chapter left and it was time to cook dinner. i contemplated trying to read and cook at the same time, but the meal involved lots of chopping and i figured i'd chop my finger off so i didn't attempt it ! :)

  3. I love reading and I try to read a little every day. I agree with you when you say "read what I want to read, not what I should read" :)

  4. experimental mutiny... cool.

  5. Busy lives often lead to little bursts of time for yourself these days, but often just 10 minutes can recharged and rejuvenate.

  6. The book you are currently reading sounds fascinating.

    I've read Tuesdays With Morrie, one of the books in your stack.

  7. It's a long time since I read something because I had to! And by now, I think of reading only as pure enjoyment.

  8. I love reading and I wish I had more time to spend with books but I try to read whenever I can (even if it's only 5 minutes at a time).


  9. I'm reading bits and pieces, mostly what I've had for years, and also writing more and more and editing as the Lord keeps nudging me to continue. Have my "Annie" book mostly finished with a bit of editing still to take place. Need to finish writing my Soroti, Uganda, based book, and have no idea what the title will be. Only about 1/2 done. My goal would be to finish the basic part by the end of the year. Then the editing will take a while.

    I told Dave when I die ... whenever that would be ... that he can self-publish my books. I have a spiritual based on on spiritual mapping that I'm supposed to write, too. Have portions, but not enough figured out how to write as much as I understand what it's all about.

    Glad you're reading. And glad the Lord is leading you in those directions for sweetness and light in the midst of so much busyness and stressfulness.


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