Monday, September 17, 2012

The house that might have been home and Monday's prayer

This house was up for auction last year.
You buy blindly as you cannot get in the house before hand.
It had been unlived in for two years
and some of the previous occupants' belongings could still be seen in disarray
from outside looking in.

For our town, known for huge Victorian homes on tiny lots,
the yard is big.
There is space on either side and a decent back yard.
A detached garage is at the end of the back yard
and sits facing the alley.
We were quite interested and our lawyer did some searching.
The title was not clear.
The owners had not been properly notified.
His advice: "Stay away from it!"

So we did.
It was bought back by the bank and put up for sale.
It has been sold and someone has been diligently working on it.

I hope that all has been cleared up for them or they may get a surprise
when the owners get released from jail in Kentucky.

That's right.
Mike and I did our own research
and found that husband and wife had been arrested, etc.
and are now serving time for operating meth labs in Kentucky.
There was no mention of their pre-teenage son.

The photo from my previous post?
We both wondered if in that dark, damp basement
traces of meth activity would be found.

They left abruptly,
rumors of drug selling wafting through this quiet neighborhood.

Meanwhile, our search for a bigger home continues.

Monday's Prayer
I worship You as the all-knowing
and all-powerful God of the universe.
You are Immanuel, God with us.
Thank You that You are always with me.
Thank You that Your presence frees me from all doubt
and gives me increased faith.
Thank You that You hear my prayers
and will answer in Your time and in your way.
You, Lord, are without limitations.
I don't want to limit Your working in my life
by my own faithlessness.
Help me to be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer (Romans 12:2).
I know that You have called me to pray,
but I also know that answering prayer is Your job.
Help my heart to rest in You.

Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving.
Colossians 4:2


  1. It's a beautiful place, but glad your lawyer was looking out for you. That could be a nasty surprise!

  2. Good advice from the lawyer! And who knows - maybe they were cooking meth there to and it is one "sick" houses as a result.

  3. It's certainly a fascinating little house. Hopefully it can be restored and have a happier future.

  4. I love old houses, and that one is a beauty. However, I'm so glad you got good advice and did your research. That would not have been a happy surprise.
    Hope school is going well Beth. Your classroom is perfectly wonderful.

  5. i hope it was not a meth lab, and that the present owner knows to check that.

    i like the garage.

    there are times i would like a one story house instead of this two is one of those the window frames on the outside need some work.

    the whole house needs painting, but, we will be good to get the windows done before the rain turns on for the fall, winter, and spring monsoons.

  6. darling home... too bad it has a dark past (hope the new owners don't get any nasty surprises!)

  7. It is so hard to know any more ahead of time re: houses. One aspect Dave and I always do is pray over and through the house before we move in. And sometimes have more prayer again, anointing doors and windows. Some people think that's too serious, and sometimes crazy [spiritually speaking], but I've sure seen results that made a big difference. Can't say "no" if someone wants me to pray through their home.

    Glad it's working out for you and you are significantly checking things out instead of just grabbing what you can when you can. Good spiritual common sense.


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