Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Barn Charm #76

As I sit at my computer in the corner of my living room,
I can look out the French doors and see this setting.
It is on a hill behind an auto body shop--both are 
across the alley from me.
The fence in the background is around a garden.
There is a wide strip of field that runs three large lots long
surrounded by a cemetery, homes, and businesses.

If I want to walk to it, I go between two of the three buildings
of my neighbor's auto body shop.
Here's a narrow view of the barn.

This is a field directly beside the barn.
It belongs to another shed and home off to the right.
There are two ponies and a donkey there.
It's startling when I am reading to the pounding and whirring
sounds of the auto body shop,
and I suddenly hear a donkey bray!
That's life in my small town!

The next photos were taken this past winter
from the cemetery above the barn.
These show the other side of the barn.

As you can see, the barn and shed are in a big back yard 
in a neighborhood of closely set houses and businesses.
That's my small town for you!

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  1. I like your small town and also that little barn! It's a great view!

  2. What a fun assortment of sounds and views.

  3. I would have never guessed that barn was in a town! It looks like a lovely little town! Twyla

  4. i like this little barn. the weathered siding and the newer roof.

  5. The barn and the wood pile is charming. I like the look and idea of your town with its rural setting and small businesses.


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