Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Corner View: Europe

The only place in Europe I have visited is Ireland.
We spent seven days there
and did not want to cut our time there
by adding another country.
We could have easily stayed another two weeks.
If I was given a choice of going back to Ireland
or choosing another country,
I would still choose Ireland and add in Scotland and/or Wales.

You corner view folks have only seen a few of my Ireland photos,
as it has been nine years since we took the trip
and I have only been a part of corner view for slightly over a year.

However, I chose to show only the Cliffs of Moor.
They were AWESOME.

It was an incredibly long walk up the cliffs,
but oh was it worth it!

There was an entertainer with a wonderful dog that added to the delight.

I cannot describe how I felt looking out on this.

Now, these others are ones I got off of Pinterest.
The first set is of Scotland.

This one is called The Faerie Pools

Looking down a village street.

This looks unreal almost,
but the concept of a castle high up
overlooking a valley and river 
way, way below
is unreal to me also . . 
and magical.

These next are of Wales.

I would love to tour a church like this one.

Just what I envision village shops to look like.

And this is breath-taking!

For more corner views,
please head on over to Francesca's.


  1. Wow! I have always wanted to go to Ireland, and after seeing these, I need to add Scotland too.

  2. Ahhhh---how gorgeous. I LOVE seeing your Ireland photos, Beth. It's no wonder you could have stayed much longer there. I have always heard that Ireland is beautiful --and you have proved it. Wow!!!!

    I have ancestors from Scotland --so would love to visit there sometime...


  3. My mother feels the same way about Ireland. She has been many times and keeps going back.

  4. Ireland is very high on my list! Have you seen movie Leap Year? :) And nothing wrong with going back to the same place if you loved it so much!

  5. For me also Ireland is high on my list! I'm sure I would like this country. Landscapes are so majestic....

  6. Would love to see these sights firsthand.

  7. right! high time for you guys to return to ireland. and do include a little european tour. you'll be aghast, promise!

  8. Ireland is on our travel list. I've been to Scotland but not Wales. Actually, we're planning a trip to London for next March...had to get hubby's knees in shape takes lots of walking, that wonderful city!

  9. too cool :-)

    (we are school-free now... and my sister is visiting until monday.)

  10. Not surprising that you loved your time in Ireland. It's another beautiful country dear to many a heart. Thinking of you, Beth.


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