Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Corner View: Somewhere Else

Three years ago we said goodbye to our first home together.
It had been my husband's for about 10 years.
We had it cleaned and ready for the young couple
who bought it because it didn't need any work.
They had a govt. loan
for a mortgage only; 
thus they didn't have any extra to do major repairs.
There was a house up the street 
that was bigger than ours,
but it needed a lot of work.
This is looking forward from the dining area.

This was how it looked pared down for showing.

Looking at the empty dining area.

Mike made the wall between kitchen and dining area a full wall
and totally rearranged and remodeled the kitchen.
His dad helped him.

Looking down the bedroom hallway
stripped of everything that 'spoke' of us.

This was the smallest bedroom.
It had been my 'den'.

Somewhere else we had a bedroom where we could move
around the room without scooching sideways.

It's odd, but I actually like our smaller bedroom here better.
I disliked the furniture of his in that room.
His furniture is too massive for our present bedroom.
We are using my parents' bedroom furniture.
I guess tiny can be cozy--it's all in perspective, huh?!

The spare bedroom stripped down for showing.
The dresser is now in our living room.
We have no spare bedroom or computer room in this house
like we did somewhere else.

Mike built all the wood shelves and trim in the family room
But we didn't use it as a family room.
He had his exercise equipment
and computer stuff in this room.
I don't miss that room.

This was the storage room
he added on.
It was another huge selling point.

Another view of the kitchen.

Mike saying goodbye to his work room/garage.
We did not get any cars in here.
I like having my car in the small separate garage we have now.
He has his work room in his dad's barn on other land we own.

We had supper with our close friends and neighbors
before we headed up here.

These people were his family for 15 years.
Now they sit around a campfire in one of their backyards
sipping on beer and laughing together with the couple who own our old house.
Somewhere else we had a totally different life
than we have here.
It was good.
So is this life.

Of course those folks are still our friends
and we keep in touch with them.
We just live somewhere else.

(It's comforting that in taking this walk down memory lane,
I have found that when comparing this present house with the one featured in this post,
 I really like the one I am sitting in right now a lot more than I let on. )

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  1. I don't know weather to feel sad or happy for you! I guess you are happy and that is all that matters, but I am so sentimental. I can't imagine moving away. The house isn't important, but the friendship is golden.

  2. i have kept photos of all the houses i've lived in (it was pre digital era!).

  3. Beautiful home. I'm sure that you both miss it. Tell me again WHY you sold it and moved to such a smaller place. I hope and pray that you two can find a home soon that you both can enjoy...

    Mike certainly did alot of work on that home... It looks like the perfect home... Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love it that you are finding contentment right where you are now Beth. That is a gift.
    Thank you, more than I can say, for your kind words. You always lift my spirits and encourage me - and it's always at just the right time. God uses you in a very special way.

  5. Who we are with seems to matter the most. Thanks for sharing these photos and memories.

  6. quite an event, he, moving out and towards elsewhere... i find times likie this daring, sometimes. just as melanchoic as a bow of wisteria, dear... ;)))


  7. Glad to here you are happy with where you are right now !

  8. I answered Betsy's question in the post that follows this one.

  9. Ah, we are moving to a smaller place and I will miss this one a lot but life takes turns, you know?


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