Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Corner View: Five things about me

For corner view this week,
we are to tell five things about us.
For other views from around the world,
please go to Francesca's Fuoriborgo.

1. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
I love sitting on our boat,
anchored next to my son's boat,
watching the fireworks,
and watching the grandkids watch the fireworks. 
Then we get them in our boat 
and take them to our campground trailer
where they spend the night.
We have a cook out too with red, white, 
and blue plates and napkins.

2. The grandkids love taking baths
at my house.
I have bath foam that I repeatedly
spray into their hands
and simple containers from my kitchen. 
I allow them to sit and play for a long time.

3. I love all kinds of jewelry,
but especially that which has been my mother's and grandmothers'.
I'm known at school for my long, funky earrings.
The girls are always checking out what I have on today.
That goes for my pins also.
One teacher calls me "The pin lady," 
although I now wear necklaces as much, if not more,
than pins.
These are just the ones on display.
The ones on the left are kept out all year.
The ones on the right are seasonal.

4. I collect 'posy' vases
and plant flowers that lend themselves to cutting
and displaying in the small vases.
I place them throughout the house.

5. I love porch swings and have two:
one in back on the patio
and one on the front porch.


  1. I really like the theme this week. This I learn all know better. Nice to know more about you.

  2. Such fun facts to learn about you. The porch swing seems a perfect place for a summer evening.

  3. I hope you're making good use of the porch swing at the moment, Beth.

  4. I love your porch swings, there are very nice. It's so American!

  5. Hmmm... just typed a comment and now it's gone! Anyhow... you have a fun five here! I am going to catch up on my blog reads this weekend. I saw on another site that you found your house! Can't wait to read all about it!

  6. This was great fun Beth. I love some of those same things. The little vases are a great idea. Flowers brighten up the house in a special way.
    Before I read Heather's comment I was going to guess that you finally found the house of your dreams. I'm excited!

  7. I envy you for owning TWO porch swings! I've had a couple in my life but now hammocks have become my outdoor is almost out and I bet you can hardly wait!!!

  8. ha beth...
    yes, i can sense these things, can i say they ARE you, confirming what i've picked up before?

  9. nice things, I love the porch benches!

  10. i've been in the US several times on 4th of July, and it's always been quite an experience. we don't have anything comparable to that festivity, and to the patriotic feelings it inspires to US citizens.

  11. There's something special about a grandmother's jewelry. I treasure the pieces that I have. Love your posey vase collection!

  12. If the 4th is your favorite holiday than you would love the signs i bought to decorate our house with? Hopefully, i will get a pic of them next Week. Have a great holiday. Hamburger or hot dog for the 4th!

  13. 4th of july is my birthday!! big party in America!
    i would love to sit on your rocking chair surrounded with al your flowers on my birthday! ;-)
    what a great fun when the kids go in the bath at your home! are they allowed to "play" with the jewelry too?


  14. I've always loved your posy vases, and the way you place them all over your home to cheer you. I also adore the earrings that look as if they're made of watch cogs!


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