Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corner View: Make-up

Here  is my basic make-up.

The top two are shades of beige and brown---my two basic eye shadow colors.
I stopped using eye make-up for years, but I started back last year, because folks kept saying that I looked tired.  They rarely say that now.  
I also wear shades of lavender (below).

The above is a base to keep eye make-up from 'slipping away'.  
I also always have a Clinique sample of mascara in a drawer, 
but I prefer Cover Girl.

My two basics. A  very light foundation (I don't wear it in the summer) and my under-eye-concealer(I don't go anywhere without it.

 I have to wear moisturizer as I have very dry skin. I wear mostly Clinique products but do dabble in other brands. For example, my under-eye-concealer is my Este Lauder.
For more on make-up, go on over to Francesca's.


  1. wow it's a whole lesson about make up!!!
    i don't use any, so i'm quite surprise what a women can need!

  2. I think lavender suits you very well

  3. so many products. I used to use Clinique too, but now I use Kiehl's, also American :)

  4. i couldn't live without a moisturizer, and i've been using a beeswax based one that smells wonderful and is creamy rich.

  5. I use to never wear make-up, but now that I am older I find it a must. Love your fall display outside your house. Happy Fall!


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