Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pumpkin Festival 2014

The annual Pumpkin Festival has  been going on since Wednesday.  It will close today at 5. Doug brought his three kids and his girlfriend and her  daughter to the parade.  We watched it from a friends' front yard.  Below are Melissa and the four kids lined up, waiting for candy.

 This is the beginning of the parade.  It lasted 90 minutes.
Below are Mike's aunt and uncle, Dave and Jeanette Hissom, who were parade grand marshals.  They do a lot before, during, and after with the festival and were given this title as a recognition of their time and effort.

 This is the first float. It has the queens and princesses on it.  My camera died right afterwards, so this is all I have that's decent of the parade.  Look in the upper right hand corner.  Most people decorate their yards and I think this is a pretty example.

 Doug and Melissa
sitting in front of our friends' house and festival display.

 Melissa is a city girl so she was truly amazed at the size of this years pumpkin.  It weighs 1, 514 pounds.  Here are Melissa, Peyton, Addy, Dillon, and Doug with Maddy on the big pumpkin.
                     The kids in front of one of the two runner-ups.

There are rides of course. 
Dillon and Peyton are shown here.

It was a fun time, though it was very hot and crowded.  Doug's Addy and Melissa's Maddy are 7 and 8 and both redheads.  We had several clashes of the redheads!  They wanted to do things together, but would both get easily upset.  I loss count of how many deep breaths my son had to take! Ha!

Maddy has never had to share Mama, and isn't thrilled about having to do so now.  Melissa's mother is helping Maddy adapt to this new picture.

It was a good week.  We had pictures taken for homecoming and all went well.  I will post some of those later.  We had them dress up and then we had them change to jeans, flannel shirts, and cowboy boots.  We took them to a friend's field with two gorgeous tractors  and bales of hay.   Wonderful!

Hope you have a terrific week!


  1. Oh --those blended families.. It's never easy.. But your son's lady friend is beautiful. Hope they work it out... What a neat parade and celebration. I love small town celebrations like that. But--even I have never seen a pumpkin THAT big.. ha

  2. I love anything like this, Beth. It all sounds so warm and comfortable (no pun intended).


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