Saturday, September 20, 2014

Five-Minute Friday: Hold

lightly folded hands
holding the  rounded belly
feeling the baby thumps

tenderly holding
the sleeping infant
watching her hands
and feet twitch
with innocent dreams

firmly holding the toddler
assuring  she won't fall
keeping her from harm's way
especially those on four wheels
careening too fast
in your 'safe' neighborhood

holding and guiding the adolescent's hands
as she pours the ingredients
into what will soon be
luscious, delicious cookies

 steeling yourself
 not to show emotion
though gratitude
streams through your heart
as the teen-ager reaches out for your hand
holding it close for comfort
as tears of first love
course down her cheeks

lovingly tucking
your mother's hankie
into her bridal arrangement
holding on
for a quick hug
that signals letting go

then once more -
tenderly holding
the sleeping infant
your grandchild


  1. sweet thoughts! I have 4 children my oldest just turned 18, so looking forward to starting the cycle again with grandchildren :) Popping over from FMF

  2. This was so beautiful - the circle of life. Thanks for sharing
    *an FMF friend stopping by from

  3. and what a pretty picture.


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