Monday, November 8, 2010

Cat Playground

 The last weekend that we stayed  at the lake, we took the cats. 
George (the black and white male)needs an insulin shot twice a day for his Type 2 Diabetes,
 so we packed up a litter box, loaded them in their carrier and off we went.
That meant we didn't have to get someone to go and give him his shots. 
Well, they apparently thought they'd landed in the cat version of  Disney World!

They gained access by way of the one loft to the top of the cabinets that run the length of the small kitchen and divide the kitchen and living area.  Here they are on the prowl

             The diabetic one who likes to find a comfy spot and sleep. He's drowsy in this picture.

 The actress.  She's 7 and still has kitten in her combined with drama queen.

 She's not to be messed with though, as he has found out more than once.  She holds her own with
her brother.
                                                       The shy one.


  1. George's sister reminds me a LOT of one of my childhood cats. Beautiful face. Cats and basenjis have a lot in common... I just love that fourth photo : )

  2. I added two more photos since Leslie's post, so she means the last photo.

  3. The one where she is being the drama queen makes me laugh ... I love cats!

  4. That's hilarious! They look like they're being M1-5 kitties on some secret mission...

  5. Hi Beth, Your kitties are adorable. They made themselves right at home, didn't they???? I've never heard of a cat having Type II Diabetes.... Crazy!!! I won't tell my George about your George... ha ha

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