Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving blessings

this door opened wide
to three from texas

the six from near-by town
snuck in the back way
total came to six adults 
 five children
ages ranging from 20 months to 11 years
with one nesting in mama
not due to appear until February

the house was full
with laughter and some tears

smells of summer baked beans
(a favorite of the daughter who flies up in winter)
succulent ham
huge tossed salad with red onion slices adding a kick
baked idaho and sweet potatoes
rolls and biscuits
and oh the desserts

the house held up and so did i
it wasn't until everyone left
last night
that i regained consciousness
of my knee pain

isn't is great how pain can be
dumped in the back seat
when children and grandchildren come calling?

much am i thankful for:
at the top are my husband, children, children-in-law,
and the God who continually blesses me

hope your holiday was equally blessed

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Isn't it great when the house is full of love? And celebrated around a table of good tastes, especially if everyone pooled it together in a sort of potluck.

  2. So glad your knee pain was in the background for your gathering!

  3. I thought of you yesterday and prayed your day would be special and that you would feel well. I am so thankful you had such a lovely time.

  4. love it,

    pain dumped in the backseat,
    love the line...

    awards/treats 4 u

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

  5. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was blessed with love and family ... and a brief furlough from pain.


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