Monday, November 29, 2010

Who would have thought? Not me!

 when i turned 50
my husband surprised me
with a trip to ireland

we would celebrate
turning 50 together
in the land
from which his ancestors came

the land of my favorite authors and novels
i chose ardmore
for the first bed and  breakfast
after leaving dublin

i was told  of a trilogy by nora roberts
based on a real family from ardmore

though she's not a favorite
i read the tirlogy before arriving

had to see the pub
 celtic shrines
in the novels

hubby patiently hiked with me
taking pictures

we were on an adventure

but we had begun one at home
as well

i had been hired by a rural school district
near our home town

i would 'batch' it a year
to see if i really did
want to go
back home

then he would move up

3 sick parents
our first grandchild
sealed the deal

but our lives took a different turn

we lost his parents within 14 months
of me being hired

he ended up staying in cincinnati
to earn his pension
and more money

it's been a long 7 years
i've known a loneliness
like i've not experienced
since elementary days

our situation was unique
no one understood it
some even hinted at possible divorce
that was never a consideration

the teacher friends i made at school
were my age
but single all their lives
we could be friends to a point

add to that fibromyalgia
stenosis of the spine

the sum is a woman
who has to catch up
on weekends
what teaching takes out
during the week

while spending time
an every other weekend husband

(who finally lives in our hometown
with me)

in the midst of these 7 years
i had 3 close friends lose their husbands
in their 50s

what if that happened to me
can you imagine the guilt trip?

but the decision was taken out of our hands
when his company
began a phase out of his department

i had to stay here
for health insurance reasons

so where am i going with this?


i desperately needed it

i marveled at the new friends
my daughter made blogging
about her pregnancy
the support she received
awed me

God kept nudging me
to create a blog

i scooted away
He followed and nudged some more

eventually i stopped scooting
and began writing

the world that has opened up to me

sisters in Christ
who fight depression
who deal with chronic illness
or a physical handicap
who have had their worlds turned
upside down
yet have kept and continue to keep
 their faith

thanks to susie
i picked up my camera
found a creative release
that blended well
with writing
while her character strength
has upheld me

nancy makes me laugh
i marvel at her playfulness with words
i never know what to expect
love not knowing

sweet leslie shares the chronic illness walk
with me
we find solace in each other's
her gentle spirit, gift of words,
and experimentation with the camera
uplift me

there is caryjo
who emailed me through
a tough spring
last year
and understands
second time round
can bring
the love of your life

linda who supports me in prayer

we are grandmothers
dealing with life
we relate

then there is retired teacher betsy
who takes me traveling with her
almost daily
her posts restore my mind, heart, and soul
she too is a grandmother
she understands change
her comments continually cheer me

there's the younger emily of imperfect thursdays
who has introduced me
to a free-spirited style
that has shaken this english teacher's
in a good way

bridget whose carnival
challenges me

these are the main ones
though there are others who have commented support
whose blogs i enjoy
whose thoughts
have caused me to think and rethink
whose photos
inspire me
to become better
with a camera

whose words
insprire me
to  stretch my writing horizons
my world is broader, deeper, richer


who would have thought it would come
from the internet?
not me!

yet i'm exceedingly grateful
it did

 different views of a shrine at ardmore

a country road in ireland---
yet another path
i never thought i'd take
but have meandered over
after all

A new commandment I give unto you,
That ye love one another;
as I have loved you,
that ye also love one another.
By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples,
if ye have love one to another.
John 13:34, 35

Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart,
 and of a good conscience,
and of faith unfeigned.
I Timothy 1:5


  1. i loved reading this today - beautiful pictures as well!

    i also love all the verses you posted - isn't God's Word just amazing??

    I have a giveaway on my blog today until Wednesday - pop on over!

  2. It's been a joy to "meet" you through this space and share in your journey. The blessing of fellowship is not to be taken lightly.

  3. i am thankful for getting to know you here.
    i has been a welcome treasure to meet such lovely people on line.
    a real support when i have needed a kind word, prayer and encouragement.
    plus, so many stories and creative thoughts.


  4. As a new friend (discovered through emily), I look forward to hearing more of your story and uncovering the secrets of your soul through blogging. Isn't blogging great? It offers us a world of soft contacts to flesh out the bare spots in the harsh world of reality.

  5. Thank you so much. When the Lord kept nudging me to start a blog, I wasn't thrilled with the idea. Susie encouraged it, too. So, last New Years Eve, I took this jump. And with you and a number of others, I have found joyous blessings this year.

    Bless your dear head...

  6. Fellowship is a beautiful word! As I have said again and again - and quote Reuben Welch: "We really do need each other." I pray that the next miles of your journey are the best yet!! God bless you, Beth!!

  7. Hi Beth, You are just so sweet... Thanks for mentioning me... That meant alot to me... I love the fact that we met and are friends...

    I am envious of your Ireland trip.... George went there once on business ---but I have never been anywhere in Europe. Maybe someday!!!!

    I know that your separation from your hubby has been hard --and I also know that your job can be rough... BUT--hopefully, someday in the not-so-far-future, you both will be retired and can travel like we are able to do.

    Thanks again for such a sweet post.

  8. I had the unusual opportunity and blessing to meet and spend four days with a group of people I knew only online. The beautiful thing was that there turned out to be no surprises -- we were all what we expected each other to be. Even online, we have fellowship because of Who we have fellowship in. Good post.

  9. me too! the fellowship i've found from blogging has been incredible. there have been many times when God has used the comments or posts others have written to encourage me. the imperfect community has been such a blessing as well, and i've found many great bloggers(including you) through there. i'm so glad you started blogging. i enjoy both your writing and your photography. :)

  10. Like you, I was reluctant to begin a blog, and I'm so glad I did. Misty from Un Vase Fragile called blogging "a middle world," the other day. I loved that... and you know I share your wonder in the unexpected community we have found in this "middle world" of blogging.

  11. Fellowship among bloggers, who would have thought it? Certainly an open door to express our love for the Lord and have sweet community!
    A Wonderful Post !!

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