Sunday, November 7, 2010

Official end of lake season and Monday prayer

Husband winterized the lake place.  If we want to spend a snowy weekend there, it won't be hard to
de-winterize it and then re-winterize it (I don't think those are words, but oh well).

Our golf car and shed..  The cart has been winterized also.  It's very hilly here,  so golf carts and 4-wheelers are used a lot. The grandkids love the golf cart.
  This is looking back at our fire pit and towards the small stream that runs beside part of our lot.
The wooden deer came with the place and we've left them there.
So many wonderful memories here just sitting and talking with family and friends,
   and at times just the two of us.
The grandkids love the bonfire and the oldest grandson is at the age
 where he can help Grandpa Mike. 
One night, the two of them had a "guy's night out" in a tent over in the clearing. 
The little one demand so much attention because of their age
 that we need to be careful
 that the older two don't get ignored. 

This picture says it best.  Summer in southeastern Ohio is over and fall is pondering whether to let winter in or not.

Here's the Monday Prayer.

Help me to discern the lies of the enemy so that
I don't give any credence to thoughts that are not
in alignment with Your truth.
Help me to examine my thoughts
in light of Your Word at all times.
Enable me to purify my thoughts and my heart
so that evil will not find a place in me.
Adjust my attitude to fit life in Your kingdom.
Overflow my heart with Your love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, and mercy
until my attitude is a blessing to all people at all times.

Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; try my mind and my heart.
Psalm 26:2

From a Stormie Omartian Prayer Book.

Blessings to you all for a wonderful week!


  1. Yes, these photos are a real contrast to the still bright greens of a Florida winter. As a matter of fact, everything gets greener and flowery-er here in the wintertime. (How's that for a word that isn't?) I like seeing your place all settled in for the winter, though. It seems appropriate. The seasons are not as distinct here, and in many ways that is a loss.

  2. Wow---what a neat lake house and lot... I would love that. Do you spend lots of time there in the summer? I certainly would....

    It's always hard to get ready for winter... We did it this past Thurs/Fri... We had some really cold weather this weekend --so we had to winterize everything here ahead of time... That's my blog for tomorrow.

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

  3. yep, that old man winter is a commin'.

    good prayer.

  4. Love seeing your lake place! Looks like a wonderful place to be in any season.

    The prayer really speaks of heart issues that affect each of us, doesn't it? "Help me to discern the lies of the enemy" is such a needed prayer in these days so full of voices!

  5. The lake place looks like a wonderful place to make special memories. I can just imagine how much your grandchildren love spending time there.
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful prayer.


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