Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Corner View: Bridges and Back Roads

I am featuring my Ireland trip this week
to illustrate corner view's topic.
Look to the back of the above photo 
and you will see the bridge 
that had to be crossed to get 
to a part of Dublin.

Back road on an island off the coast.
After crossing on a ferry,
we walked the island.

Back on the 'mainland' this is in the Connemara region,
which is quite rural with narrow, winding 'back roads'.

The back roads could be treacherous as the driver of this car discovered.

Looking down into an area of countryside in Connemara.

For more views from around the world,
please check out Francesca's place.


  1. Just beautiful! It's a place I would love to visit.

  2. Ireland is on my list. Romantic!!!

  3. So beautiful! How lucky you are to have made such a trip!

  4. It looks like such a scenic place to visit. And maybe a little rainy?!

  5. These bring back such wonderful memories for me! When I was there, I was seeing a boy from Galway and several weekends he picked me up in Dublin and we'd go joy riding in the country. (Be glad that you can only see what I type and can't hear me as I am singing Summer in Dublin at the top of my lungs at the moment!)

  6. So exciting to travel through corner view and get these glimpses of Ireland through your post! It seems that bridges and backroads are made for Ireland, so picture perfect are the scenes!!
    Happy travels through your days!!

    PS thank you for your comment and question--my daughter turned 14!!

  7. oh, dear! hope that driver was ok!

  8. as i was going to pick up peter at the airport on tuesday, i turned on the radio and heard that there was an accident and fire ahead on the upper deck of the marquam bridge in portland. i heard it just in time to take another route through the city. i took that hawthorne bridge across instead. phew!

  9. Thanks for the peek at Ireland by way of the back roads...that country is on my bucket list :)

  10. Love your Ireland photos, Beth.. That's just awesome that you have gotten to go there. What a fabulous experience.. It's such a gorgeous place.


  11. beautiful scenery, besides bridges and backroads... haven't made it there yet! must do so, i see.


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