Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Corner View: Architecture

Nine years ago my husband and I celebrated our fiftieth birthdays
with a trip to Ireland.
Some of you have already seen my Ireland photos.

However, I decided that some of the finest examples of architecture
in my photo collection were from Ireland.
Therefore, I am showing these photos again.

A humongous home that became a Catholic girls school and is now open to visitors.
The next three are of a church in Dublin.

This next photo shows the charming stone homes
 that are an integral part of Ireland's architecture.
They may not qualify as stunning to some,
but the attention to detail in these humble abodes
are stunning to me.
It is late and my mind is foggy, so the specific names of these buildings and places
are shut away in a back room in my brain.
I apologize for not giving more detail.

Next up are photos from my hometown.
The town is on the National Historic Register as a Victorian Village.

I have shown this house before also.
It is across from the home where I grew up.
I considered this my dream home. 
I introduced it on my blog here.
I was thrilled when it went on the real estate market.
I posted reasons why it was my dream house here
 and the reasons why it wouldn't work for us, here.

Here is another home we looked at.
But it was up for auction without a clear title.
Our lawyer advised us to leave it alone.
We complied.

These two photos are of our Gay 90s Museum.
It is a stunning example of Victorian architecture
--at least for us small town folks!

For more views from around the world,
please check out Francesca's place.


  1. They are all stunning! And I would love to live in one of those those stone houses!

  2. Amazing houses and castle! I love the "dreamy" one as well ;))) Nice choice.

  3. Great collection! I would never have come to the idea that going to a catholic girls school would be an option for me, but this one is amazing!
    And your dream home would be mine, too. It makes me think of Pippi Longstocking! I'd also keep a horse on the veranda just like her! ;o)

  4. I don't know what I like best! The photos from Ireland make me want to visit there asap!

  5. The ones from Ireland are indeed stunning. And I LOVE all of the Victorian buildings from where you live. East coast beauty at its best.

  6. ps
    I was so curious I had to find the post about why you didn't buy your dream house. Sorri i missed it, did you ever find a new place?

  7. hope you're planning another big trip for this year!

  8. What a great variety of structures.

  9. Stunning all of them and so beautiful to hear the personal stories of the meaning each one has for you! Makes me feel how architecture of itself is one thing but when added to it the human element of love it really is at its best!

  10. It is beautiful and interesting to see all these different architectures. Thank you for the ride!

  11. Some splendid Victorian architecture. I like the one with the round tower and ironwork railing at the top. Most of the buildings, including the Irish cottages, look as if they are solid constructions.

  12. ireland is magical, but some of those homes in your hometown are pretty magical, too! (i love the turquoise house :)

  13. HI Beth, I have never seen your Ireland photos. What a wonderful trip you two had... WOW--I'd love to go there sometime.

    Hope you all find that 'house of your dreams' sometime...


  14. ireland has intriguing spots, but i always fall for your homeland images too, beth. if i need a barn, i come here.

    this time you show me the kind of places i love reading about in a shreve, or in a schline, or love seeing in a feel good movie... so thxs!


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