Monday, April 15, 2013

"My Girls"

These are "my girls" as I call them.
Five senior girls who entered my life four years ago as freshmen.
They are now seniors.
I have taught them Advanced English two years
(the other English teacher and I alternate).
I have witnessed drama in their lives
and so much growth in themselves.

The above and below photos were taken in September
for Homecoming.
They were the queen candidates.

There are always shots taken for the newspaper
to highlight the court several weeks before the festivities.

This was taken before they each got in a pick-up truck
'awaiting' them to be their country version chariots
to take them to the football field and the crowning.

This one is for Sweetheart Court.
The four in front are the seniors for queen.
A., the girl in the purple and white checked shirt standing to the left of the tractor
(in the homecoming candidate shot),
could not be a candidate again because she was crowned Homecoming Queen.
So there are four together here.

This is the night of the crowning when they are dressed up in their lovely gowns.

Here they are dancing together at the Sweetheart Dance.
They are best of friends.

This was taken this past Saturday night at our 2013 Prom.
I asked them to gather together so I could get a photo of "my girls."
K., second from left in the orange, was crowned Prom Queen.
T. and M., the last two on the right, were the other ones up for the title.
The two A.'s, one in the short dress and one in the long peach dress
were the queens for Sweetheart and Homecoming. 
They are all in their bare feet by this time of the night.
They do not dance in their heels!

They are very special girls.

I hope to finish up the year with their graduation photos.

Monday's Prayer:
Dear Lord,
make me a woman of constant prayer.
Your Holy Word commands me to pray without ceasing.
In all things great and small,
at all times,
whether happy or sad,
let me seek Your wisdom and Your strength . . .
in prayer.

Blessings to you all as you begin this week.


  1. What a bevvy of beauties! They must be very popular at school. :)

  2. I can see that you would get really attached to some of the kids after 4 years. They're blessed to have a teacher that care so much for them!

  3. beth!
    you love your girls, and your girls know it!
    i can see thàt from here.
    bless you for being the caring teacher that you are.

  4. have a good week, beth!

  5. Beautiful young ladies, Beth. I know you are proud of all of them and will miss them next year... Such gorgeous girls --and the dresses are beautiful.

  6. They are lovely Beth. What a joy to be such a big part of their lives.

  7. Beautiful! And I know how much fun it is to watch them grow and change.


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