Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Corner View: Rough

First, I took the prompt literally as the first five photos show.  Then I interpreted it another way as the last two pics show.
Ground Sea Shells
make a  filler around a candle in a bowl.

Cat's Scratching Square.

Barn Siding Frame

Wicker Basket

Antique Wicker Sewing Kit
(that looks like a hat box and is almost big enough to be one)

"Rough-house" or "Rough and Tumble"
Doug and the kids playing together several years ago.

For more corner views, go to Francesca's.
Happy Viewing!


  1. i was actually really curious about how you saw your theme, and somehow, in my imagination linked that to school, but that could just be me, being cautious... ;))). i know you love your job, even with all the rough edges. enjoy the last months though!! n♥

  2. I love your blog header so seasonal. Ground sea shells are so pretty, I might have to try that technique. There is plenty of rough housing around here too. Thanks for the theme and have a great rest of the week.

  3. Ground seas shells, what a good idea!! I wanna try that. :) And cute family!!

  4. Perfect pictures for both kinds of ROUGH, Beth... I especially like the last two --since I love to see kids/families have fun together like that...

  5. Great roughs! (And I covet your sewing basket!!)

  6. oh, a wicker soulmate! i LOVE wicker, and have two rather large basket/trunk things that hubby is always threatening to feed to the fire to create more space ... :(

  7. Yeah, love the pictures of rough playing! That's what children love! And they are so tired and exhausted in a cute way afterwards... ;-)


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