Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall and an old family business/farm

Weekend before this past one, we went hunting fall leaves with the camera.  This is an old local family's farm.  They sold fruit for years.  They no longer sell, but the sign is still up at the entrance to their farm.


  1. It's kinda sad to see businesses that are still there yet they are closed... Bet they had some great fruit at one time....

    Great Fall pictures up your way. We saw some beauties this year near Maggie Valley, NC.... Here at home, things are not as pretty YET.


  2. it's become vintage, that sign. i'm geering up for another village hike later today, to shoot images for my 2014 homes/houses project. finding road signs left and right is one of the plusses when i go walking.
    to answer your question, about the plant... well, i don't know. i had not seen it before. i can't even remember now whether it was a tree or bush, i guess bush. i'd hoped anybody online could tell me...


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