Thursday, February 17, 2011

i didn't

 here's a little boy who reminds me of another
little boy who's now a grown-man

all those years ago as i tended to
their needs: a daughter and a son,
i never dreamed they'd give me
six grandchildren

 all those years ago when i sat down with a whoosh and a sigh while my husband
did bath duty
i didn't imagine that some day bath time would be my duty and that i would relish it
i didn't think that when i was in my mid-fifties, my bathroom would be cluttered with
bathtime paraphernalia

 i didn't think i'd sit on the toilet and laugh at a little boy with an upside down cup on his head
or that i'd buy a duck that covered the spigot and swallowed bubble bath only to spit it out

i didn't imagine the clutter that i'd allow to be scattered around the living room --not the least
bit bothered by it
or the mess on the dining room table
i didn't think i'd still be packing up miniature suitcases --only this time to send back home
that i'd be the grandma babysitting while mom and dad went on a trip
well---i kind of thought of it in that i hoped i'd be able to do what my mother did if i got the

i also didn't think i'd still be having those times
when i age 10 years in one day
like i did tuesday as my first-born gave glorious birth
to her second-born

no when you're young and trying to be the best mom and best wife
and not fall apart
keep a clean, neat house
prepare healthy meals
and well --just survive

you don't think about being a grandmother

and then one day you are
and it's wonderful

i don't have a picture of the newest grandchild
to post
but my mind and heart and prayers
are with her and her big brother
and mommy and daddy
way down in texas
i'm sending my love
to them 



  1. that grandparent thing looks pretty nice :-)

  2. Hi Beth, Congrats on the new grandbaby... I know you wish you could be there with them. Hope you get a picture soon. I'm sure you will.

    Keeping grandchildren is fun --but can truly wear us grandmothers out.

    Have a good Friday..

  3. There is so much to cherish about being a grandparent ... what a privilege we are given.

  4. there's nothing like it, is there?

  5. We have six grandchildren (the oldest in his 20s and the youngest 8 years old)and each one is a blessing.
    Have a good weekend, Beth.

  6. Sweet post. And thanks for posting those new baby updates - I'm enjoying the photos of that little rosebud :)

  7. oh yay! welcome home, sweet little baby! this post makes me excited for the future, dear beth. thank you.

  8. Grandparenting is such a delightful surprise - isn't it Beth? How is it we are so much more relaxed? It is one of those amazing benefits of gaining some years, lots of experience and just living life.
    You've summed it up so beautifully. I love this post!


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