Monday, February 21, 2011

i went exploring

 i went exploring saturday
                only a precious friendship
                          could get me to budge from comfy house
                                          it was her b'day and i wanted to buy a special token

on the way out the door
                 i grabbed my camera

                            wind whispered, "i'm bringing chill"
                                      undaunted i protected ears with muffs
                                               and donned those special gloves
                                                        susan showed me--
                                                                   the ones with the fingertips
                                                                       peaking through--quite helpful!

after discovering the 'perfect' gift
          with some creative touches
                      (of mine and the store owner's)
                                 i was pleased with the result

card and gift in hand
          i piled back in my suv
                     and pointed it towards the city park

i meandered down the dirt and gravel lane
                      to our park's lake/town reservoir

 i was seeking
         an 'in-between seasons' photo op

                  the deep snow header for blog was irrelevant
                           but all brown/grey/tired ground and bushes?

a ha!
    some ice lingering
         touches of brown
               and hints of green
                      my in-between photo moment

 and to complete the picture---
      a bench---wa lah!
i came home rosy cheeked
             gratified i'd explored

i delivered the gift next door
       and then dutifully 'hit' the lesson plans

a successful saturday in my world


  1. I love those shots! The last one is a perfect between seasons shot.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Beth... There is something beautiful about winter... We just have to look for it sometimes ---and learn to love the browns and tans more!!!!!

    Great pictures.. Thanks.

  3. Good for you...inspired to hit those lesson plans!

  4. So much nicer to hit the paperwork after a refreshing walk, eh? And what a reward for your labors! Those photos are just beautiful!

  5. i like the header...the light shining on the thinning ice is very pretty.
    fun post.

  6. I caught my breath when I saw your new banner photo ... what a refreshing walk we just took with you!

    Aren't those gloves just the handiest for clicking that camera and other sorts of things?!

  7. A perfect in-between photo! And I love your prose detailing your refreshing trip!

  8. I enjoyed the walk with you. Glad you were refreshed and glad you could share with us through your writing and photos.


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