Friday, February 4, 2011

job description

children hurting
parents worrying

words shooting slugs
penetrating heart
already wounded

hostility masking  fear
inside crouching

clothes carrying sign:
"poverty resides here"

bits of 'steel'
piercing faces
daring all
to view them ugly
to join consensus
deeming them unacceptable

i wince behind
the face
not on it
of utmost importance
this lack of reaction

unnerve them
with complements
about jewelry
exhibiting no disapproval
for its location

tips them off-balance
solid door cracks open
allowing  glimpse
of beauty
in recesses of defiance

creates cautious interest
a cool teacher?
a caring teacher?
a trustworthy adult?
hope flashes in wary eyes
quickly stashed away

but calmer hostility
replaces the hope
and that is hope
in different form
hope nonetheless

domestice abuse
burden of survival

when i reenrolled in college
to be an english teacher

someone neglected
to inform me
of the real job description:
nurse, mother, counselor
disciplinarian, consumer,
morale booster,
morals instructor,

i just thought i'd teach
literature and writing

silly me

instead i find
i need to be
God's grace in motion

figuratively held a parent's  hand tonight
grasped startling information

eyes will be sharper tomorrow
and the days to come
as i strive to help her daughter
as best and legally possible
in my role

"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord,
forasmuch  as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."   I  Corinthians 15:58

on another topic: tomorrow marks the first anniversary of lexie's death. please keep us all in prayer.


  1. Teachers are amazing - I couldn't do what you do. Praying for you tomorrow.

  2. Oh, to have more teachers like you in our school systems. Praying for you and the students at your school.

  3. I grieve for the school situation driven by parents at home, bullying, etc. I don't know how you get up every day to face it! With God's help is how :)

  4. Wow! Strong post. And man, do I know what you are talking about. Bless you. And bless your students who knew and loved Lexie.

  5. Oh Beth, Teachers are expected to be everything these days. I know it is hard --but you have a 'ministry' there---doing what you can, as only one person, to help these kids who so desperately need your help..

    May God Bless you, my friend. Prayers for YOU and for the students and for Lexi's family.

  6. someone neglected
    to inform me
    of the real job description:
    nurse, mother, counselor
    disciplinarian, consumer,
    morale booster,
    morals instructor,

    oh friend, on behalf of all of the students and parents out there, thank you. we need teachers like you. xo

  7. "hostility masking fear
    inside crouching"

    " i find
    i need to be
    God's grace in motion"

    These two phrases stuck out for me. Thinking of you today, praying for His grace as you and so many others remember Lexie... praying you may be His love and light for those who have none. And that as you give out you may be filled...

  8. instead i find
    i need to be
    God's grace in motion

    i have no doubts but that is what you do and are. my prayer is that as my children wend their way through the school system, they would be blessed with teachers like you. *hugs*

  9. "God's grace in motion" ... bless you for being willing to be just that

  10. A beautiful poem, and an amazing insight. Teachers like you are an incredible blessing to today's youth. Your words, your caring, make a difference, even if you don't always see it!

  11. Oh, Beth, I love this! It's one of your best and speaks to the heart of this former teacher! I love the phrase "God's grace in motion" . . . a beautiful job description of all of us Christians!

  12. this post is beautiful, and so are you.

  13. What you are saying is so true. We see the call to a "job" or take on an "easy ministry"... and then we begin to "see" beneath the surface, off to the side, well beyond what we anticipated, a simple kind of "understanding" that puts us on a highway, but we have no idea when the "reality" fog is hitting -- and how our dear Father is going to use us to touch others in ways we had no anticipation/no preparation. AND, over time, we will be blessed... by Him and by others who will understand and appreciate our "job" commitment.

  14. God's grace in motion- what a beautiful job description. It's clear B that you really see these kids. They need to be seen and you do that. They are blessed to have you. I read about Lexi and I'm sorry. This would have been her senior year. I lost a new friend to a car accident in HS. It hurts. I hope Abby and Jaecey made it through last week ok.

  15. Solid work. Normally religious work has me instantly hitting the 'delete, no comment' corner x, but this was interesting in a good way.


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